AOMEI Backupper

Best SSD and Hard Drive Cloning Software

  • Safely clone MBR or GPT hard drive to SSD with success boot up
  • Easily migrate OS to SSD no matter UEFI or BIOS boot mode
  • Flexibly clone HDD to different size drives

In Which Situations Cloning Is Important?

Learn how cloning solutions can help you in your daily and work life.

Migrate Operating System

Move your Windows 11/10 from HDD to SSD without reinstalling for shorter boot times and faster running programs. It also supports migrating only the system partition.

Upgrade Small Disk

A disk with small capacity will limit application installation and data storage. Cloning a smaller disk to a larger one will give you enough disk space for your applications and data.

Clone Manufacturers' Disk

Easily clone hard drives of popular brands including Samsung, Intel, Toshiba, SanDisk, Crucial, WD, PNY and Kingston, etc. You are able to clone between disks of different brands.

Always Secure Your Data with Clone Feature

A professional disk clone software can help you easily clone system, disk, partition with secure boot and prevent some potential cloning issues as well.

  • Disk Clone

    Clone system disk with secure boot to speed up computers or increase disk space.

  • System Clone

    Migrate OS to SSD or larger disk without reinstalling Windows. You can make full use of disk space automatically.

  • Partition Clone

    Clone a partition or dynamic volume to quickly transfer all the data on it to another one, especially useful for large amount of files.

  • Edit Partitions

    Add unused space to all partitions or manually adjust partition size on the destination disk, thus eliminating the cloned hard drive show wrong size issue.

  • Intelligent Clone

    Clone only used sectors while skip bad sectors on a hard drive from one to another, thus you can clone larger drive to smaller drive with high success rate.

  • Sector by Sector Clone

    Clone all sectors of a hard drive, whether it’s used or not, without worrying about boot failure due to missing system reserved partition or other system files.

  • SSD Alignment

    Align 4k physical sectors for SSD, thus making it run faster (eg: faster reading and writing speed) after cloning.

What the Happy Users Say?

By Alan Lord

AOMEI Backupper is a great helper to clone larger HDD to smaller SSD without boot failure. It saves the life of my computer before it crashes.

By Keith Lora

This excellent disk cloning software helped me a lot in cloning Windows 11 hard drive to smaller SSD. And it boots successfully after cloning.

By Ellen Ted

You can easily migrate OS to new SSD with this user-friendly software. Grab it and have a try if needed.

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