Free Download The Best Free M.2 SSD Cloner-AOMEI Backupper

October 16, 2018

Have a filled M.2 SSD drive in your computer? AOMEI Backupper Standard as the best free M.2 SSD cloner will give you the best solution to clone M.2 SSD to larger M.2 SSD without reinstalling Windows 7/8/10.

The M.2 solid state drive (SSD) overview

It’s known to us all, solid state drive (SSD) has higher performance than traditional hard drive (HDD) due to its faster speed of reading and writing, lighter weight, lower energy consumption and smaller size characteristics. SSD has different classifications depending on the interface type; the general SSD interface includes SATA, mSATA, M.2, PCIe, and U.2. The SATA SSD is the most popular SSD drive at this moment. M.2 is formerly known as the Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF), which is more flexible to use with many board size options. Meanwhile, M.2 supports PCIe, SATA, and USB interface. It’s especially designed for the small devices like Ultrabooks or Tablets. M.2 SSD will give you faster speed and lower power consumption.

Why clone M.2 SSD to M.2 SSD drive?

Typically, the brand computers built-in an M.2 SSD drive as boot disk, it will be filled up eventually after a long time use. So you may want to clone M.2 SSD to larger M.2 SSD drive to expand the system partition. Or the M.2 boot SSD is going to break, you have to replace it with another M.2 SSD, then you have to clone the old M.2 SSD to another one. On the other hand, your computer has a M.2 SSD drive as the secondary storage device, which will be almost full, you would like to migrate the smaller M.2 SSD to a larger M.2 SSD drive. At this time, what’s more important is generating a proper M.2 SSD cloner to realize this goal.

The best free M.2 SSD cloner-AOMEI Backupper

To be honest, there are so many M.2 SSD duplicator you can find on the Internet, but it’s difficult to distinguish the strength and the weakness of the M.2 SSD cloning software. Now, AOMEI Backupper Standard as the best free M.2 SSD cloner has already attracts many Windows users, like Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Since AOMEI Backupper will offer you the best solution to clone M.2 SSD to larger M.2 SSD drive without reinstalling Windows and applications. Except for cloning operations, you are allowed to backup system, hard drive and individual partition, sync files to USB drive, local hard drive, external hard drive, NAS device, network share, etc.

Step by step to clone M.2 SSD easily in Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Below text, we will describe you how to clone M.2 SSD. First and foremost, free download the M.2 hard drive duplicator-AOMEI Backupper Standard; prepare a larger M.2 SSD drive. Then follow the steps:

1. Connect the larger M.2 SSD to your computer and make sure it can be detected. Open the M.2 SSD cloner to its main interface after the installation. Select Clone > Disk Clone in turn.

Disk Clone

2. Choose the smaller M.2 SSD drive as the source disk to clone, go to Next.

Source Disk

3. Click the larger M.2 SSD as the destination disk, go Next.

Destination Disk

4. Overview the operation of cloning M.2 SSD, press Start Clone with the M.2 SSD cloner.

Start Clone


  • Make sure you have ticked the option Align partition to optimize for SSD. If you would like to clone all the sectors on smaller M.2 SSD, you have to check Sector by sector clone option.

  • This cloner is also a good assistant when you want to clone Windows 10 to NVMe SSD drive.

Besides, if you cannot clone your M.2 SSD, you can try another way: backup M.2 SSD drive to external hard drive, then create bootable media with AOMEI Backupper; boot your computer with the bootable media; restore the disk backup image from the external hard drive to the larger M.2 SSD. Apart from the disk clone, AOMEI Backupper Professional edition offers you to clone Windows 7/8/10 OS to M.2 SSD without any issues, restore to dissimilar hardware computer, create PXE boot tool, real time file sync, etc.