Discover the Essential Reasons for Email Backup

Whether it is an individual user or an organization, an appropriate email backup strategy should be developed and performed regularly.

AOMEI Backupper - The Best Choice for Email Backup

Complete Backup

Efficiently and quickly backup all data in emails, including contacts, attachments, inbox, notes and calendar, etc. without compromising data quality.

Automatic & Scheduled

Set up a schedule to run backup tasks automatically. For example, daily, weekly, monthly etc. Avoid frequent manual backup operations, saving time and effort.

Easy-to-use & Security

Provide friendly user interface and simple operation steps. Users can use password encryption to prevent unauthorized access. 3-2-1 backup strategy is also supported.

Easy Restoration

Easily and quickly restore mail data to its original state in just a few steps. At the same time, previewing emails while recovering emails in Outlook account is also supported.

Keep All Your Email Data Safe

Whether it's your personal or work data, regularly back up important emails and attachments to ensure data security and accessibility.

  • Microsoft Outlook

    Supports backup of all email data added to Microsoft Outlook. Protect your important business communications and schedules.

  • Gmail

    Back up your Gmail important information, such as work emails, personal correspondence and attachments, to prevent data loss.

  • IMAP-Compliant Mail

    Supports backup of all IMAP-compliant email clients to ensure the email security of your multi-accounts.

  • Yahoo! Mail

    The data in all your Yahoo email accounts will be backed up, providing multiple protections for your data.

  • Windows Mail

    Timely backups ensure no loss of email data and calendar information for all accounts in Windows Mail.

  • Hotmail

    Regularly back up important emails, attachments, contacts, etc. in Hotmail to prevent account theft and accidental deletion of emails.

  • Zoho Mail

    Back up Zoho emails, calendars, tasks, and more for business and individual users to keep business communications and schedules secure.

  • iCloud Mail

    Backing up iCloud Mail data is very important for Apple ecosystem users as it contains important information related to devices and apps.

  • HushMail

    Backing up your HushMail data helps protect sensitive information and ensures they can be accessed even if you lose your device.

  • GMX Mail

    In addition to e-mail addresses, your mail collector, address book, organizer and file storage in GMX will be safely backed up.

  • ProtonMail

    Even though ProtonMai has high security, important data is backed up regularly to ensure data integrity and recoverability.

Trustworthy Email Backup Tool

By Alger

“I need a guarantee for my outlook data. I tried AOMEI Backupper, luckily, I made a backup, it successfully restored the outlook data after my computer was down.”

By Gabrielle

“This is the easiest software I have ever used. It has a very clean interface. And it can achieve all the backup functions I need.”

By Norbert

“I strongly recommend everyone to do email backup using AOMEI Backupper. It works like a charm when you have to restore when something unexpected happens.”

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