Top Yahoo Mail Backup Tool for Windows (Safe and Easy)

Wondering why to backup Yahoo mail? What’s the easy and reliable mail backup software? The best answer is out here!


By Maggie Updated on August 3, 2023

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About Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is a free web-based email service offered by Yahoo Inc. It is one of the earliest email providers on the internet, starting its free email service in 1997. Yahoo Mail allows users to create a personalized email address and send, receive, and manage emails through its web interface or mobile applications.

Yahoo Mail

The main features and functionalities of Yahoo Mail include:

1. Free to Use: Users can sign up for and use a Yahoo Mail account for free, enjoying basic email services.
2. User-Friendly Interface: Yahoo Mail has a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to send and manage emails.
3. Large Storage Capacity: Yahoo Mail provides ample storage space, allowing users to store a large number of emails and attachments.
4. File Attachments: Users can attach files and photos to their emails and share them with others.
5. Customization: Users can customize their email signatures, themes, and other settings to meet their individual needs and preferences.
6. Spam Filter: Yahoo Mail comes with a powerful spam filter to help users filter and block unwanted emails.
7. Mobile Apps: In addition to the web interface, Yahoo Mail offers mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, enabling users to access and manage emails on the go.

Despite the presence of numerous other email service providers in the market, Yahoo Mail, as one of the pioneers in offering free email services, continues to maintain a large user base and widespread global influence.

Why is it crucial to backup Yahoo mail?

In the current digital landscape, data preservation has gained paramount importance. Backing up Yahoo Mail has become the consensus for more and more Yahoo Mail users. The common reasons may be divided into several points as below:

1. Ensuring a Reliable Backup: By backing up Yahoo Mail to hard drive, users establish a dependable backup solution. This enables quick and easy access to crucial data whenever required.

2. Facilitating Offline Access: Users often seek to back up or save Yahoo Mail to their hard drives for the sake of convenient offline access. Having email archives locally stored allows users to access important communications without relying on an internet connection.

3. Safeguarding Against Account Compromise: In the unfortunate event of a Yahoo account being compromised or hacked, the absence of backup files for Yahoo emails can lead to devastating data loss

4. Bolstering Resilience Against Outages and Viruses: Having readily available email archives ensures that essential communications remain intact and accessible, even in adverse circumstances.

In light of these considerations, preserving Yahoo emails serves as a prudent measure to safeguard data and ensure seamless access to critical information. If you are looking for Yahoo Mail backup tool, then please read the following article.

What is the backup tool for Yahoo Mail to computer?

Since no official Yahoo email backup software was launched, we all know that manual operations may cause troubles with a high possibility. Hence, we kindly recommend one comprehensive backup and restore software----AOMEI Backupper Professional to execute Yahoo Mail backup. It provides reliable but easy email backup services with only a few clicks, quite simple even for non-technical users.

☁Apart from Yahoo Mail, this tool can also give satisfied backup services to Gmail, iCloud Mail, Exchange, Outlook Mail, Zoho Mail, etc. This software is also a well-functioned PST backup software.
☁It gives you the flexibility to back up any desired Yahoo mailbox folder like Inbox, Drafts, or Notes.
☁It can create auto backups for emails with options like Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Event triggers, or USB plug-in. Furthermore, you can schedule tasks to wake your computer at specific times for backup purposes.
☁It is compatible with a wide range of Windows PC operating systems, including Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista. And for Server users, try AOMEI Backupper Server.

Step-by-step guide: how to backup Yahoo mail

Now I will show you how to run this Yahoo backup tool. Please download AOMEI Backupper on your PC and install it.

Download Free Trial Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Open the software and select the Backup option from the left tab page. Next, choose Email Backup from the available options.

Email Backup

Step 2. Click on Add Email Data and in the popup window, choose the Yahoo items you want to back up. You can select the entire email account or specific subfolders within it.

Add Email Data

If you haven't added your Yahoo mail account, click on Add Mailbox, and provide your account credentials to get it.

Add Mailbox

Step 3. Select a destination path where you want to save the email backup image. For example, to backup Yahoo emails to hard drive, choose the Select a local path option, and specify a internal or external storage path as the backup destination.

Select Destination Path

Step 4. (Optional) To set up automatic backups, click Schedule Backup and choose a suitable backup frequency that meets your needs. Then, tick the Wake the computer to run scheduled tasks option.

Schedule Wake

Step 5. Finally, click Start Backup to initiate the Yahoo email backup process.


A suitable Yahoo Mail backup tool will definitely save you a lot of time and effort. Now we know the importance of backing up your email data, let the professional best email backup software: AOMEI Backupper replace your time-consuming manual work.

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