Complete and Effective Backup Solutions for Enterprise

One License
Unlimited Registration

Support register unlimited PCs with 1 Technician license. Perfect for IT professionals and managers who have multiple enterprise clients.

One Purchase
Always Up to Date

A purchased license with “Lifetime Upgrades” service means you’re entitled to upgrade to any higher version free of charge for life.

Expected Recurring
Revenue Stream

Help IT professionals, system administrators, technicians or consults provide technical support to their clients in the form of paid services.

Affordable Disaster
Recovery Solution

Data is priceless yet you could protect them with affordable professional backup solution that can meet various backup demands.

Protect Your Business and Keep It Running

Professional Backup & Restore Strategy

Dedicated enterprise backup solution offers various backup plans and quick data restore access, helping safeguard your business all-round.

Easy Hard Drive Data Migration

Easily execute data migration on the level of hard disk drive, partition volume, or operating system, regardless of partition style and file system.

Efficient Bare Metal System Deployment

Deploy system image to bare metal machine to quickly establish same working environment for unlimited PCs within one company.

Physical & Network Bootable Media

Allows boot target machine from physical bootable media or virtual network path, which is very helpful in booting up large scale of computers.

Portable USB Version

Copy AOMEI Backupper to a removable device so that directly run it on target computers without installing, which is convenient for IT maintenance and support engineers.

Tech Specification

Windows PC
Windows 11
Windows 10
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 7/Vista
Windows XP
File System
EXT3 and other file systems

Storage Device

Internal hard disks
external hard drives
solid-state drive (SSD)
USB flash drives
thumb drives
pen drives
network share
network-attached storage (NAS)
cloud drive desktop apps
hardware RAID and Virtual machine systems, etc.

How It Works

  • Step 1. Open this PC backup software. Click “Backup” and then “System Backup”.
  • Step 2. Just select the destination path to store system image.
  • Step 3. Configure backup task via Scheme or Schedule if necessary, and then click “Start Backup”.
  • Step 1. Open this computer backup software. Click “Tools” -> “AOMEI PXE Boot Tool” and follow the wizard.
  • Step 2. Start the service and it is waiting for connect. Set up clients then.
  • Step 3. Set client computers for network boot. Enable and set the PXE boot option as the first boot option.
  • Step 1. Click “Tools” -> “AOMEI Image Deploy”. Then, create or select ISO file.
  • Step 2. Specify bootable ISO file for the client computers.
  • Step 3. Select the backup image file and configure clients. Click “Start Deploy” finally

All-In-One Backup Toolkit for Enterpise and Service Provider

Choose a Plan:
Lifetime Upgrades

The "Lifetime Upgrades" license ensures that you're entitled to upgrade for FREE to any newest version without paying extra fee, and FREE receive 24/7/365 lifetime technical support.

$559.20 $699.00
Recommended Tool

AOMEI Multi-Manager

Price: $1499.00

Remotely manage AOMEI Backupper Technician on unlimited PCs within LAN from a single console.

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Total Price: $559.20 $699.00 Buy Now

Complete and Effective Backup Solutions for Enterprise

Safeguard Data of Unlimited PCs for Clients

As a backup service company, it is very important to protect data on all machines of the client companies. Easily improve customers satisfaction.

Protect All Study and Projects of Universities

Academic researches are valueless and really hard to re-produce. Protecting data of universities or similar organizations is meaningful.

Deploy OS for All Bare Metal Machine in the Store

Equip your device with professional backup and recovery solution, improving competitiveness as well as increasing recurring revenue stream.

Endpoints Business Disaster Recovery

Reasonable and efficient backup strategy can help you avoid huge economic loss caused by server shutdown. Perfectly avoid costly downtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One Technician license is valid for a single technician (or IT professional, administrator), and can be used to register unlimited PCs. One license can be used for multiple clients simultaneously that belongs to the same technician.
AOMEI Backupper Technician is one-time purchase transaction. If you purchase the Technician license with “Lifetime Upgrade” service, you’re entitled to upgrade to any higher version for free for life.
LICENSE is not allowed to lease, sell, rent out or pass the Software to another person in any way. Such license is non-transferable and non-assignable, except in limited circumstances. The limited circumstances include where the original computer the Software license was deployed on: (i) becomes non-functioning; and (ii) falls into disuse. In such cases, the license is transferable to a replacement computer.
It depends on who is the owner of the license. If you need keep AOMEI Backupper Technician installed on your client’s computer after backup service ending, you need to buy the license for them. Otherwise, just purchase one license for yourself, and uninstall AOMEI Backupper Technician at the end of the service

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

While you're at it, maybe grab today's bonus deal (the hard drive) and then start using Aomei Backupper, a omplete backup utility that's "specially designed to protect your system and files against ransomware."

Easy-to-use user interface and simple operations make it one of the easiest backup software. While the backup and restore speeds were above average in our review, and the compression rate was the best in our tests. Overall, this is an excellent PC backup software.

AOMEI Backupper has all the necessary tools for easily backing up and estoring files and folders, the operating system, custom partitions, or the entire disk. It provides a one-click backup solution for your system partition or disk.

Helped us a lot when we offer backup service for our clients. Did several disaster recoveries with network boot during service period, and largely reduce their server downtime. Powerful tool.

Easy-to-use backup solution for enterprises, protected our customers data with backup scheme of this software for several years, never disappointed us. Reliable assistance.

Excellent backup software that embedded with complete backup strategies. NAS backup is one of the most helpful features, the backup encryption feature adds an extra layer of protection. Ideal solution.