Always Secure Your VMware Environment

With the application of virtualized platforms comes a rapidly growing volume of data. To seamlessly protect a VMware environment and reduce business risk, you need a reliable virtual machine backup strategy.

VMware Snapshot ≠ Backup

A snapshot captures the state of a virtual machine at specific time point. It depends on virtual machine's parent disk and may impact the VM performance. For long-term data protection, it’s best to create independent VMware backup.

Seamless VMware Data Protection Strategies

Reliable backup & recovery solution for VMware ESXi environment. Minimize downtime of virtual machines.

  • Agentless Backup

    Backup virtual machines at host level without installing agent on each VM, reducing O&M costs.

  • VMware Hot Backup

    Perform VMware hot backups in real-time even when the virtual machines are running.

  • Centralized Console

    We provide an easy-to-use central console to backup and manage multiple VMware virtual machines.

  • Flexible Backup Strategies

    Create full backup for entire VM, or incremental/differential backup for only changed data.

  • Supported Platform

    VMware ESXi v7.0
    VMware ESXi v6.0 and above

  • Automatic VMware Backup

    Auto backup virtual machines on regular basis to protect VMware workloads continuously.

  • VM Backup Retention Policy

    Specify retention policies as needed and auto delete unwanted obsolete backups to save space.

  • Restore from Any Point

    Restore VM from any backup point directly, eliminating the need to restore a full backup plus each subsequent backup point.

  • Instant Disaster Recovery

    Once the VMware crashes, quickly restore VMware to normal state and reduce business-critical downtime.

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