Protect Hyper-V VM to Reduce Business Risk

Virtual machine failures may result in data or service loss, causing business interruption or even huge financial losses. By protecting Hyper-V environment, you can effectively:

Backup Hyper-V Virtual Machines Efficiently

AOMEI provides you with a centralized, efficient and novice-friendly backup experience.

  • Hot Backup

    Backup entire virtual machines on Hyper-V host. The VMs can continue running during backup process.

  • Set and Forget Backup

    Schedule automated backups based on daily/weekly/monthly so that they run automatically without human intervention.

  • Resilient Change Tracking

    Create full backup of the entire VM, or perform incremental backup to capture changed data since the last (full) backup.

  • Retention Policy

    Specify retention policies to auto delete obsolete backups, and therefore save storage space.

Always Prepared for Hyper-V Disaster Recovery

With Hyper-V backup in hand, you can quickly and securely restore your virtual machine.

  • Full VM Recovery

    Recover entire Hyper-V VM to its previous state, including OS, configuration, application, personal data and system state.

  • Fast Disaster Recovery

    Restore a failed Hyper-V VM from a backup file, then your VM will be running soon.

  • Restore from Any Point

    Restore VM from any backup point directly, eliminating the need to restore a full backup plus each subsequent backup point.

Why Choose AOMEI Cyber Backup

10+ years’ experience of data backup. Protect precious data for 100M+ users.


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