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Standard Professional Workstation Server Technician Technician Plus
License & Program
installation restriction
Freeware 1 PC / License 1 PC / License 1 Server / License Unlimited PCs / License Unlimited PCs and Servers / License
Technical Support Business Hours 24/7/365 24/7/365 24/7/365 24/7/365 Priority 24/7/365 Priority
All Windows PC systems Support Windows 11, 10, 8.1/8, 7, Vista and XP (32/64-bit).
All Windows Server systems Support Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022, and SBS 2003, 2008, 2011.
Task Execution Speed Compared to free Standard Edition, the paid editions enjoy faster speed in reading data from hard drive. Meanwhile, the paid editions support differential backup which only backup changed data since the last full backup to save time. Standard Faster Faster Faster Faster Faster
Business Use
Profitable Toolkit One license code can be used by a single technician to provide billable technical support as a service to unlimited clients.


File Backup
System Backup
Disk Backup
Partition Backup
Automatic Backup
Incremental Backup
Sector-by-Sector Backup
Backup Dynamic Disk
Split Backup Image
USB Plug-in & Event-triggered Backup
Backup to local disk, external disk, USB flash drive, Network/NAS, cloud drive and CD/DVD
Cloud Backup Backup files to reliable and secure cloud storage to add an extra layer of data protection and follow 3-2-1 backup rule. 15-day Trial
Microsoft Outlook Backup Backup all emails, contacts, notes, calendars, and tasks in Outlook client to a local, external, or network drive. Support Gmail, Hotmail, and any other email accounts added into Outlook.
Email Backup 1-click backup entire email accounts or only selected email folders to a local, external, or network drive.
Backup Scheme Automatically delete old backup images based on automatic backup cleanup methods (the backup cycle or the number) to save backup disk space.
Differential Backup Only backup the changed or new-added data since the last full backup.
Encrypt Backup
File Filter Settings Exclude certain file extensions from file backup or sync.


Basic Sync Manually or automatically sync files from source directory to destination directory.
Verify Integrity Verify the integrity of files in the destination directory during synchronization.
Sync Deletions When files are deleted from the source directory, the same files in the destination directory will also be deleted.
Mirror Sync Always keep the files in the destination directory exactly the same as the source directory. Any extra files in destination will be removed.
Two-way Sync Any changed files or new created folders as well as deletions that happened in the source or destination directory will be done the same on the other side.
Real-time Sync Monitor files for changes and sync new added, modified or deleted files from source directory to destination directory as soon as the change has occurred.


File Restore
System Restore
Disk Restore
Partition Restore
Dynamic Disk Restore
Restore NTFS Permissions
Universal Restore Restore a backup image to different computer with dissimilar hardware, or move OS from physical to virtual machine (P2V) by backup and restoration.


Disk Clone Clone a hard drive to SSD to improve performance or replace old hard drive with a new one. Partial The Free Standard Edition only supports cloning a data disk.
Partition Clone
SSD Alignment Align partitions correctly to speed up your SSD and increase SSD lifespan.
Sector-by-Sector Clone Clone all sectors no matter it's used or not, even if it's a logically bad sector.
System Clone Migrate OS to SSD or HDD without reinstalling Windows and applications while ensuring system will successfully boot from destination disk. Support MBR/GPT disks, UEFI boot mode, mSATA/M.2/PCI-E SSDs, etc.
Adjust Partition Size Manually extend or shrink partitions on the destination disk during clone.
Add Unused Space Add unallocated space to all partitions while cloning from smaller disk to larger disk.
Dynamic Disk Volume Clone


Create Bootable Media
Comment Backup
Compress Backup Image
Check Backup Image
View Backup Logs
Import/Export Backup Task
Merge Backup Images
Explore Image
Recovery Environment Create AOMEI Backupper recovery environment and add it into Windows boot options menu so that it's convenient to perform backup/restore operations when the system crashes.
Disk Wipe Erase disks to permanently prevent sensitive data from being recovered and remove virus completely.
Email Notification Send task results to your email. Partial The Free Standard Edition only support Gmail and Hotmail SMTP servers to send email notifications. However, AOMEI and custom SMTP servers (SSL/TLS) are not available in Standard Edition.

Command Line Utility Perform backup, restore and clone operations from command prompt or by creating batch scripts.
Pre/Post Command Launch specific applications or scripts before starting backup/sync and after backup/sync is finished.
PXE Boot Tool Initiate unlimited client-side computers within LAN through the network booting for system maintenance.
Image Deploy Tool Deploy image to multiple computers within LAN over network.
Create Portable Version Copy AOMEI Backupper to a removable device so that directly run it on target computers without installing, which is convenient for IT maintenance and support engineers.
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