How to Extract Attachments from Outlook in Multiple Emails: 2 Ways

This guide covers two solutions on how to extract attachments from Outlook in multiple emails, and there is a reliable backup tool to backup Outlook emails with attachments for safety.


By Jonna Updated on October 23, 2023

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Is There a Way to Extract All Attachments from Outlook?


I am looking for a way to save attachments from Outlook in multiple emails. My research so far seems to indicate that it's not possible. How to extract attachments from Outlook in multiple emails? Have you guys ever tried any solutions?

With Outlook, it is simple to attach images, files, emails, and other items to an email message. However, users who receive an email with several attachments would find it cumbersome to download and save every attachment individually.

To get out of this dilemma, we are here to solve how to extract attachments from multiple emails in Outlook. We have come up with some methods to save attachments from emails in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003. Also, an easy way to backup Outlook emails with attachments is introduced to help you protect data security. So, let’s start!

How to Extract Attachments from Outlook in multiple emails

How to Extract Attachments from Outlook in Multiple Emails

In this chapter, we will show you how to extract attachments from multiple emails with Outlook desktop app and using VBA code. You can choose the way you like to save your Outlook email attachments easily.

Way 1. Manually Save Email Attachments using MS Outlook Program

The Microsoft Outlook desktop app offers a streamlined interface for managing email, calendars, and contacts. Moreover, it enables you to extract Outlook email attachments. This method is straightforward, but it should be noted that it only allows you to extract attachments from one email at a time. Here's how to go about it:

Step 1. Launch your Microsoft Outlook application.

Step 2. Open the email containing the attachments you wish to extract.

Step 3. Within the email, locate the attachments and click on the downward arrow next to the attachment. From the available options, select "Save All Attachments."

Save all Attachments

Step 4. Choose the specific attachments you wish to download and confirm your selection by clicking "OK."


Step 5. Navigate to your preferred folder to save all the attachments and then click "OK."

Choose Location

Way 2. Extract Outlook Email Attachments with VBA Code

Outlook Visual Basic for Applications(VBA) scripting offers a tailored approach for extracting attachments from multiple emails. But VBA Macros Code and VBA Script are needed to extract email attachments to a folder on your system. And the process would be lengthy. To get started, follow these guides to save attachments from multiple emails in Outlook via Macro code:

Step 1. Open Outlook and press Alt + F11 to open the VBA editor.

Step 2. In the editor’s window, click Insert > Module to create a new code module.

Step 3. Copy the following VBA script and paste it into the module:

Insert Module

Public Sub SaveAttachments()

Dim objOL As Outlook.Application

Dim objMsg As Outlook.MailItem

Dim objAttachments As Outlook.Attachments

Dim objSelection As Outlook.Selection

Dim objFileSystem As Object

Dim strFolderpath As String

Dim strFile As String

Dim i As Long

On Error Resume Next

Set objOL = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

Set objSelection = objOL.ActiveExplorer.Selection

strFolderpath = "C:\Attachments\"

Set objFileSystem = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

If Not objFileSystem.FolderExists(strFolderpath) Then

objFileSystem.CreateFolder (strFolderpath)

End If

For Each objMsg In objSelection

Set objAttachments = objMsg.Attachments

If objAttachments.Count > 0 Then

For i = 1 To objAttachments.Count

strFile = objAttachments.Item(i).FileName

objAttachments.Item(i).SaveAsFile strFolderpath & "\" & strFile

Next i

End If


Set objAttachments = Nothing

Set objMsg = Nothing

Set objSelection = Nothing

Set objOL = Nothing

End Sub

Step 4. Adapt the strFolderpath variable as needed to specify your desired destination folder. Subsequently, save your changes and exit the VBA editor.

Step 5. In Outlook, select the emails containing the attachments you wish to save.

Step 6. To open the Run Macro window, press Alt + F8.

Step 7. Then, select SaveAttachments, and click Run. The script will proceed to save all attachments from the selected emails to the designated folder. Then, you have completed the process of saving attachments from multiple emails in Outlook 365.

Bonus Tip: Easiest Way to Backup Outlook Emails with Attachments

If you are extracting Outlook email attachments for backup, there is an easier solution that can help you backup Outlook emails and attachments - using the powerful Outlook backup software - AOMEI Backupper Professional.

Its Outlook Backup feature can help you backup email accounts added to the Outlook desktop app, for all Outlook data, including emails, attachments, contacts, and settings. It supports you to backup Outlook to external hard drive, local disk, network drive, NAS, cloud storage, and various locations.

  • Comprehensive Backup: Not only backs up Outlook, but it also supports to backup Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and other email accounts added to the Outlook client.
  • Auto Backup: It can automate email data backup at daily, weekly, monthly, and other intervals.

Please download this powerful backup software on your computer, and follow the guide below to backup Outlook emails and attachments effortlessly.

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Step 1. Ensure you are logged into your Outlook account, then open AOMEI Backupper Professional. Click on "Backup" and then select "Outlook Backup."

Outlook Backup

Step 2. Tap on Add Outlook data and select the account containing emails and attachments you intend to backup. Then click OK.

Add Outlook Data

Step 3. Click the destination box to select a local path, network or NAS location, or cloud drive to save your Outlook emails and attachments.

Select a Backup Location

Step 4. Click Start Backup to backup Outlook emails and attachments now.


>> By default, it employs incremental backup to save only changed files. If you prefer a full backup or differential backup, access Backup Scheme to change backup method.

>> There are also Options and other features that you can click to have more advanced settings:

  • Options: You can encrypt your backups for added data privacy and configure email notifications for backup tasks.
  • Schedule Backup: You can automate backups on a daily, weekly, monthly, event-triggered, or USB plug in basis.
  • Backup Scheme: To prevent backup drive from being full, you can use Backup Scheme to set auto delete old backups once a specific backup count is reached.

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In the End

On this page, we covered 2 methods for how to extract attachments from Outlook in multiple emails. Also, an effective way, using AOMEI Backupper, to backup Outlook emails with attachments is introduced to help you copy your important email data to external disk, USB drive, cloud drive, or other locations.

Also, you can use this tool to create system, disk, partition, and file/folder backup for your computer, and clone Windows to USB drive and make it bootable.

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