How to Backup Hotmail Messages to PC: Full Guide

Still looking for how to backup Hotmail messages? This article will provide detailed graphic tutorials to show you how to backup messages step by step. Please read it carefully!


By Miya Updated on September 15, 2023

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User Case: How Do I Backup My Hotmail Messages?

“Hey there, fellow forum folks! I'm in a pickle and need some guidance. I've got a bunch of important emails in my Hotmail account, and I want to back them up just in case. I'm using a Windows 10 laptop and accessing my Hotmail through the web browser. Any suggestions on the easiest and most foolproof way to back up Hotmail messages? I'm not very tech-savvy, so something simple and straightforward would be a lifesaver. Thanks a ton for your help.” 

Attention all Hotmail users! If you're concerned about the safety of your data, we've got a solution for you. Let's have a chat about why backing up your Hotmail messages is crucial and how you can do it with ease. Say farewell to the fear of losing important emails because we've got the ultimate Hotmail backup tool at your service. With this handy tool, you can swiftly backup your Hotmail email to hard drive or your PC, ensuring your valuable data remains secure and readily accessible. Don't wait any longer—get the peace of mind you deserve!

Importance of Backing Up Hotmail Messages

Backing up Hotmail messages is of utmost importance for several reasons.

  • First and foremost, it serves as a safeguard against data loss. Accidental deletion, hacking attempts, or technical issues can result in the permanent loss of your emails. By creating backups, you ensure that your valuable messages are protected and can be recovered if the need arises.
  • Moreover, backing up Hotmail messages provides peace of mind. Knowing that your important communications, attachments, and contacts are safely stored allows you to relax and focus on other tasks without worrying about potential data loss.
  • Additionally, backups are beneficial when switching devices or email clients. If you upgrade your computer or decide to use a different email service, having backups ensures a smooth transition. You can easily import your backed-up messages and maintain continuity in your communication.

How to Backup Hotmail Messages via Professional Backup Software

Looking to conveniently save Hotmail messages to computer? While Hotmail lacks a built-in feature for this, fret not! We've found the perfect solution: AOMEI Backupper Professional, a fantastic Hotmail backup software that saves the day. With this reliable tool, effortlessly secure your Hotmail emails by creating a local copy.

But that's not all! This user-friendly software offers a range of powerful utilities:

  • It supports not just Hotmail, but also popular services like Gmail, Outlook Mail, and Yahoo! Mail.
  • Choose your backup destination: backup emails to external hard drive, NAS, network location, or cloud client.
  • Schedule backups effortlessly with daily, weekly, monthly, and event triggers, or USB plug in options.
  • Intelligent backup modes, like incremental and differential backup, save time and storage space.

Ready to give it a go? Download this reliable email backup software for your PC. The Pro version works with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista. Server user? Consider AOMEI Backupper Server. Back up your emails confidently and enjoy peace of mind with data protection.

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Once you have added your Hotmail email account to Outlook, you can easily backup Hotmail account messages using AOMEI Backupper by following these simple steps:

Step 1. Launch the AOMEI Backupper software and click on the Backup option in the menu. Then, select Outlook Backup to proceed with the backup process.

Outlook Backup

Step 2. Start by clicking on Add Outlook Data to initiate the process. Then, choose the Hotmail messages you want to save from Outlook. Once you've made your selection, simply click OK to confirm and proceed.

Add Gmail

Step 3. Simply click on the second box and choose from the available options: select a local path on your device, add a network or NAS location, or opt for a cloud drive as your desired storage destination.

Select Backup Destination

Step 4. Double-check that you have chosen all the Hotmail messages folders you want to include in the backup. Once you've confirmed your selections, click on the Start Backup button to backup Hotmail emails.

Start Backup

FAQs about Backing up Hotmail Messages

Q: Should I consider enabling two-factor authentication for my Hotmail account before backing up messages?

A: Enabling two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your Hotmail account. It is generally recommended to have this feature enabled before performing any backups or handling sensitive data.

Q: Is there any built-in method to back up Hotmail messages without using third-party software?

A: Hotmail does not have a built-in feature to directly back up emails. However, you can manually save individual emails by selecting and downloading them as separate files. This method can be time-consuming for a large number of messages.

Q: Can I use email clients like Microsoft Outlook to back up Hotmail messages?

A: Yes, you can configure an email client like Microsoft Outlook to access your Hotmail account via the IMAP or POP protocol. Once set up, you can use the email client's built-in backup or export features to create a local copy of your Hotmail messages.


Uncover the premier tool endorsed in this article for backing up Hotmail messages. This exceptional email backup and migration tool is meticulously crafted to seamlessly work with multiple email provider versions, guaranteeing a hassle-free backup process. With this program, you can effortlessly back up not only your Hotmail emails but also backup all your Gmail emails. Don't hesitate, give it a try today!

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