Two Easy Ways to Backup PST Files to OneDrive [2024 Updated]

You will learn how to backup PST files to OneDrive in two ways step by step. The easiest way is to use powerful Outlook backup software - AOMEI Backupper.


By Jonna Updated on December 28, 2023

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What are PST Files?

In computing, the Personal Storage Table (PST) emerges as an exclusive file format designed by Microsoft. Its purpose is to store duplicates of emails, messages, calendar events, notes, and various other data for its suite of software applications, such as Microsoft Outlook.

The PST file serves as a widely used email storage format in Microsoft's suite. For example, Outlook preserves its data in PST file format. These Outlook PST files are stored in an Outlook file folder located within the documents folder on your computer.

PST Files

However, if the PST files get corrupted for any reason, an Outlook user may lose all data. Therefore, knowing how to manage and protect PST files is essential to prevent data loss or attacks. Many users wonder how to backup PST files to OneDrive, that's why we are here.

Can PST be Backed up in OneDrive?

Yes, you can copy and backup Outlook emails to OneDrive in PST file format. However, it's important to note that using a PST file directly from OneDrive isn't feasible. This is because Microsoft is not recommending this as an Outlook backup practice, and recommends to convert your PST files to your Office 365 account. However, backing up PST to OneDrive fo have several benefits:

  • Access from Anywhere: OneDrive grants you the freedom to reach your PST files from any internet-connected device, which is especially beneficial for users who need to access their email archives while on the move.
  • Data Security: OneDrive serves as a secure online storage solution to prevent data loss due to hardware failures or accidents. In the event of local device failure, data availability persists from cloud.
  • Collaboration: If you need to share your PST files with collaborators, OneDrive makes it easy to share specific files or folders securely, controlling access permissions as needed.
  • Version Control: OneDrive provides version history for files, allowing you to recover previous versions of your PST files in case of accidental deletions.

Two Simple Ways to Backup PST Files to OneDrive

Having a backup of your Outlook PST files on OneDrive not only help you protect your data but also make your files accessible from anywhere. In the following, two solutions to backup Outlook PST to OneDrive are introduced.

Method 1. Backup PST to OneDrive from Outlook Files

Copying PST files to OneDrive manually is one of the most used Outlook email backup solutions, appreciated for its simplicity and user-friendly nature. However, this method inevitably has limitations like users needing familiarity with the folder location of Outlook PST Files and the absence of automated backup functionality.

Here are steps on how to let OneDrive backup PST files:

Step 1. Obtain your Outlook Files folder location by clicking the File tab, then navigating to Info > Account settings, and selecting Account settings once again. Within the Data Files tab, select the files earmarked for backup, subsequently clicking Open File Location.

Data Files Location

Step 2. Ensure the Outlook desktop client is closed, guaranteeing that your PST files remain unlocked.

Step 3. Initiate File Explorer and paste the aforementioned Outlook Files folder location to gain access.

Copy Outlook PST Files

Step 4. Copy the PST files you want to back up and paste them to the local OneDrive folder. This action triggers an immediate backup of PST files to OneDrive.

Method 2. Backup Outlook PST Files to OneDrive using Professional Software

If you want to create OneDrive PST backup in an automated manner, it is highly recommended to use professional Outlook backup software like AOMEI Backupper Professional.

This robust tool streamlines the process of safeguarding Outlook emails and additional data by seamlessly transferring them to cloud services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Also, it can help you backup Outlook PST to USB, computer, external hard drive, NAS, network drive, and other storage devices.

  • It provides auto-backup capabilities, allowing you to schedule daily, weekly, monthly, event triggers, or USB plug in for continuous backups.
  • It allows you to save a lot of backup time and space by backing up only the changed files with Incremental Backup or Differential Backup.
  • Apart from Outlook data, it also can help you backup any email service that are supported by the Outlook desktop app, like backing up Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.

Welcome to download this powerful backup software to follow guides below to backup PST files to OneDrive! The Professional edition supports Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista. For server users, please try AOMEI Backupper Server!

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Step 1. Open Outlook, input your Outlook email, and click Connect. Then follow the on-screen instructions to add your Outlook account containing PST files designated for OneDrive backup.

Add Outlook Account

Step 2. Initiate AOMEI Backupper Professional. Opt for Backup and select Outlook Backup option.

Outlook Backup

Step 3. Tap on Add Outlook data and expand the target Outlook account, then choose PST files for backup.

Add Outlook Data

Step 4. Choose Select a cloud drive under the destination box and then select OneDrive to store PST files in Outlook.

Select a Local Path

Step 5. To configure an automated backup, click Schedule Backup to enable Daily, Weekly, or Monthly backup. Finally, tap on Start Backup to auto backup Outlook to OneDrive effortlessly.

Schedule General Settings

FQAs about Backing up PST Files

#1. Why I Can't Let OneDrive Backup PST Files?

If your OneDrive can't backup PST files, it is may because your PST files are locked by the Microsoft Outlook desktop app. Often, most users run Microsoft Outlook throughout the day. For users relying on PST files, this will lead to file lock and hinder the OneDrive sync client from uploading them to the server. While you might succeed in initially uploading the PST file, subsequent changes may not be effectively synchronized.

#2. Can I Backup My Outlook Emails without PST?

Yes, you can back up Outlook emails without PST. Several alternatives to PST files can be used to store Outlook data, such as CSV format, PDF format, Word file format, and so on. Also, there are some PST file converters on the market that can help you convert PST files to another format.

In the End

Backing up PST files to OneDrive is an essential task that can help you avoid losing Outlook important data. Through the outlined approaches, creating a backup of your Outlook data and store it on OneDrive is an easy task. A prudent measure is to establish an Outlook backup schedule, thereby ensuring you always have an up-to-date copy of your PST file.

Between the two methods, using AOMEI Backupper is highly recommended. It not only can help you auto backup Outlook data, but also available to backup Gmail emails, Yahoo emails, and so on. What’s more, it is a powerful disk cloning tool that allows you to clone USB drive to SSD with ease.

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