How to Perform Foxmail Export to PST: Stepwise Guide

This article covers a full guide on performing Foxmail export to PST and introduces a method to back up Foxmail Mail for data security.


By Jonna Updated on August 7, 2023

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How Do I Export Foxmail to Outlook PST File?

Encountering difficulties accessing your emails in Foxmail and want to switch to Outlook? Or, are you looking forward to exporting Foxmail to Outlook? Well, no matter the reason why you want to export Foxmail emails to Outlook, it's crucial to recognize that direct importing of Foxmail into Outlook is not feasible due to the email client's exclusive compatibility with the PST file format.

So, when it comes to Foxmail export to PST, the main challenge is how to convert Foxmail email data to PST. This article aims to tackle this issue and provide viable solutions.

Foxmail Export to PST

Understanding PST Format

The PST (Personal Storage Table) file format is an exclusive format utilized by Microsoft Outlook for storing email messages, calendar events, contacts, and various other data items. These PST files are generated and saved on the user's computer or a network location, offering valuable offline access to email messages and data items, even when there's no internet connection or access to the email server.

Moreover, PST files serve multiple purposes, including backing up Outlook emails, archiving older messages, and facilitating smooth data transfer between different computers or email accounts.

How to Perform Foxmail Export to PST

For how to convert Foxmail to PST, it mainly includes three procedures: export emails from Foxmail client, convert Foxmail to PST, and then import Foxmail to Outlook. In the following, we will go through each procedure in detail to help you complete Foxmail export to Outlook PST file smoothly.

Part 1. Export Foxmail Mail

Here are steps for how to export email from Foxmail:

Step 1. Launch Foxmail and choose the desired emails for export. Or, you can use Ctrl + A to select all emails.

Step 2. Right-click and opt for the Export Mails option.

Export Mails

Step 3. Specify a local destination to store the exported Foxmail data and click OK.

Export Mail Choose Location

Step 4. After completion, you will find all Foxmail messages individually saved in EML file format at the chosen location.

Export EML File

Part 2. Convert Foxmail To PST

Foxmail offers an email export feature, but these exported emails are saved in EML files. To import these emails into Outlook, you'll need to convert the exported Foxmail messages from EML to PST format.

Fortunately, several EML to PST converter software options are available to assist you in accomplishing this task. Simply acquire a suitable converter tool, and you can efficiently complete the EML to PST conversion process.

Part 3. Import Foxmail to Outlook

When the Foxmail emails are converted to PST, you can import them to Outlook.

Step 1. Launch MS Outlook and log in using your credential.

Step 2. Click on the File menu, choose Open & Export, and then click on Open Outlook Data File.

Open Outlook Data File

Step 3. Select the previously exported Foxmail PST file from your computer, and you'll be able to access the emails within the Outlook client.

Till now, the process of exporting Foxmail to PST in Outlook is completed.

Better Way to Backup Foxmail Mail without PST File

Indeed, Foxmail export to PST can be a complex process as there is no direct export method. However, for efficient email backups, AOMEI Backupper Professional presents a powerful solution. This software offers to backup all Foxmail emails and other folders easily with the following features:

  • Email Backup: Seamlessly back up your entire Foxmail mailbox or specific mail folders, such as Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, and more.
  • Wide Email Support: Apart from Foxmail, it also supports backing up Zoho Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, iCloud Mail, Hotmail, HushMail, GMX Mail, and various other mail services.
  • Flexible Scheduling: You can set up scheduled backup tasks with options like Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Event triggers, or even USB plug in.
  • Diverse Storage Options: This tool allows you to store email data on your computer, external hard drive, USB drive, cloud drive, NAS, network drive, and more.
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Step 1. Open AOMEI Backupper Professional. Click on Backup and then Email Backup.

Email Backup

Step 2. Click Add Email data and choose the Foxmail account with the mail folders you wish to backup. Then, click OK.

Add Email Data

If you have not added your Foxmail account, tap on Add Mailbox and enter your email credentials to add it.

Step 3. Select a destination path for storing the backup of your Foxmail messages. You can opt for a local path, network or NAS location, or a cloud drive.

Select Destination Path

Step 4. Enable the backup schedule based on your preference - you can choose from Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Event triggers, or USB plug in. Ensure that the option "Wake the computer to run scheduled tasks" is checked.

Schedule Wake

AOMEI Backupper uses the incremental backup method by default in scheduled backups. However, if necessary, you can switch to differential backup under Backup Scheme.

Step 5. Confirm the selection of the desired Foxmail folders for backup. Then, click Start Backup to initiate the Foxmail email backup process.

Start Backup


If you wish to manage and access your Foxmail data on the go, performing Foxmail export to PST is a great way. Nevertheless, it's essential to note that direct Foxmail to PST export isn't possible now. In this case, you'll first need to export Foxmail mail and then convert it to PST.

To ensure the utmost safety and protection of your crucial email data, it's vital to employ reliable backup tools like AOMEI Backupper. This powerful tool enables you to back up both your Foxmail emails and Outlook PST files effortlessly, allowing you to store them in various locations such as local/external disks, cloud storage, and more. Besides, you can use it to backup Hotmail, Gmail, and other email accounts effortlessly.

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