How to Make Windows Live Mail Backup | Top 2 Ways

Here offers you manual and professional ways to backup Windows Live Mail. Don’t hesitate to read it now!


By Maggie Updated on September 5, 2023

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User case: How to take backup/restore of Windows Live mail

Is there any way I can backup mail from Windows Live Mail to a flash drive and then restore it to the same computer after upgrading the operating system to Windows 7 from XP (which requires a drive format, erasing everything)? I used to be able to do this (backup/restore) using Outlook Express but am not able to use the same procedure with Windows Live Mail.


About Windows Live Mail backup

Windows Live Mail stands as a widely embraced, cost-free email client application hailing from the tech giant, Microsoft. This software made its debut back in 2007, marking its inclusion in the Windows Live suite, a comprehensive collection encompassing various applications, among them Windows Live Messenger, Live Writer, OneDrive, MovieMaker, and Photo Gallery. Its primary function revolves around the seamless download and storage of emails, similar to the roles played by Outlook Express in the Windows XP era and Windows Mail during the Vista era.


1. Easy Data Movement: Windows Live Mail makes it simple to move your email stuff like messages, contacts, and calendars to and from different places, even different email apps.

2. One-Stop Data Storage: Everything you save in Windows Live Mail is neatly stored in one spot on your computer, so you can find and back it up easily.

3. Personalized Backup Choices: You have various backup options. You can choose specific things like emails, contacts, or calendars, tailoring your backup to suit your needs.

4. Space-Saving Backups: Windows Live Mail can shrink the size of your backups, making them smaller and easier to manage and transfer.

Some people find it hard to manage enormous emails. Also, emails are quite easy to get infected by computer viruses, etc. Users report the need to backup Windows Live Mail. Then how? This article offers you 2 useful ways.

How do I backup Windows Live Mail to hard drive?

You can save your emails to local drive on the same computer, or you need to store it on external hard drives. Here are 2 reliable ways for you to execute Windows Live Mail backup. Let’s continue to read!

# 1. Manually take Windows Live Mail backup emails

Step 1. Kindly access your Windows Live Mail application.

Step 2. Navigate to the File tab, click on it, and a collection of options will unfold before you. Opt for Export email, and from there, select Email messages.

Email Messages

Step 3. Upon reaching the initial screen, you'll be prompted to designate the format for your email export. Simply opt for Microsoft Windows Live Mail and proceed by clicking Next.

Miscrosoft Windows Live Mail

Step 4. Afterward, select the destination path where you'd like to save your data. If you desire to back up Windows Live Mail to an external hard drive, simply click the Browse… button to pinpoint the precise location you prefer. Subsequently, hit the Next button to continue.

Step 5. You now have the option to cherry-pick the folders you intend to include in your backup. You can either individually select the pertinent folders or choose the All Folders option for a comprehensive backup. Upon making your selection, proceed by clicking the Next button.

Step 6. Initiating the export process, please exercise patience as this operation may consume some time. Then choose Finish to end the task.


🌟However, this task can be long and tedious, demanding technical skills. It's also possible to lose data when moving the files, and it doesn't always ensure data remains intact. Plus, it might affect how files and folders are organized.

# 2. Backup Windows Live Mail via reliable backup software

Here is a proven simple but efficient email backup software----AOMEI Backupper Professional for you. You can perform Windows Live Mail backup folder with ease, especially friendly to non-technical users.

▶This functionality extends beyond Windows Live Mail. It grants you the capability to back up diverse email services, encompassing Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook Mail, Hotmail, iCloud Mail, and more. The Gmail contacts backup is supported as well.
▶The software offers the convenience of automated backups, with versatile scheduling options including daily, weekly, monthly, event triggers, or even USB plug-in mode. Additionally, you can configure scheduled tasks to awaken your computer at designated times, facilitating seamless backup procedures.
▶It is compatible with a wide range of Windows PC operating systems, including Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista. And for Server users, try AOMEI Backupper Server.

Now please download this software and install it on your PC.

Download Free Trial Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Before you start the backing process, please add your email account to Outlook.

▷Navigate to the Start menu, proceed to Outlook, and enter your email address. Subsequently, click on Connect to initiate the process of adding your initial email account.

Add Account Outlook

▷For the addition of a new email account, access the Start menu, then proceed to Outlook. Once inside Outlook, click on File, followed by selecting Add Account.

Add Account

Step 2. Start AOMEI Backupper on your PC after installing it. Then, click Backup and select Outlook Backup.

Outlook Backup

Step 3. Feel free to assign a name of your choice to this backup task. then simply click on Add Outlook Data and then choose the live mail folders.

Add Outlook Data

Add Email

Step 4. Select a destination path for the backup image where you'd like to store your data.

Select a Backup Location

Step 5.  Customize your backup task by choosing the options, schedule, and backup scheme that align with your preferences. Once you've configured these settings to your satisfaction, initiate the backup process by clicking on Start Backup.

Final words

This article presents 2 distinct methods to facilitate the Windows Live Mail backup on your PC. You have the flexibility to choose the approach that best aligns with your specific requirements. To be transparent, the initial three methods each come with their own set of limitations as I stated above.

However, there's a fortunate alternative in the rise of AOMEI Backupper. This solution shatters these constraints by empowering you to back up multiple folders simultaneously, execute automatic backups, and significantly reduce the time required for the backup process, which largely prompts email backup optimization.

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