By Ivy / Last update December 22, 2020

About Panasonic SD card

Panasonic SD card, like many other SD cards, plays an important role in storing and transferring files on portable devices. Panasonic SD card usually used in video cameras to record significant moments, such as wedding ceremony, birthday party, graduation, and so on.

Panasonic SD card has some advantages comparing to other brands SD cards. In detail, it is ideal for 4K video cameras since it has class 10/U3-30MB/s (240Mbps) constant minimum write speed; 95MB/s (read) and 90MB/s (write) under UHS-I; Besides, all Panasonic SD cards and microSD cards feature the Tough & Safe design, according to their official website. They are accident proof against the 6 harsh conditions of Water, Static Electricity, Shock, Magnetism, Temperature, and X-rays. The capacity of Panasonic SD (SDXC and SDHC) varies from 4GB to 128GB, including 16GB, 32GB and 64GB kinds.

Panasonic 64GB SD Card

All in all, those features create a better experience in recording moments. It should be the reason why it is so popular among photographers and video enthusiasts.

Why need Panasonic SD card copier?

As covered, the SD card mostly used to store videos. Panasonic AG-UMR20 Memory Card Portable Recorder is one of the recorders that used by many people. Two main reasons may account for the necessary of SD card duplicator.

  • Share memories with friends and families. If you record a happy or interesting moment alone, you may want to copy it to another SD card for sharing. If you record at an occasion where many people took part in, you may want each of them have a copy of the record. Then, the importance of the SD card copier emerges.

  • Backup data for security. As we know, the Panasonic SD card stores important videos and files that are valuable memories, but has limited capacity. In order not to affect the future use, you may want to backup the current files to another place and leave space for new records.

Anyway, there may be other factors lead you looking for Panasonic's Pocket SD card copier. But what counts next is to figure out how to do SD to SD card copy with reliable tool.

The best free SD card duplicator to copy files easily

AOMEI Backupper Standard, the best backup software and free micro SD card duplicator, allows you to copy files from Panasonic SD card to other SD cards or computer without losing data. Two powerful features available in transferring data on the SD card, Disk Clone and Disk Backup.

Disk Clone allows you to copy all data on Panasonic SD card to the target disk without data loss. All data can be used directly after cloning. By default, AOMEI Backupper Standard clones only used sectors (used part) of the SD card to the target, yet you still have a way to do sector by sector clone i.e. clone all sectors no matter they are used or not. The latter requires equal or larger capacity of the source and costs much more time than the former.

Disk Backup creates a backup image for all stored data on the SD card. The backup image can be compressed and encrypted, no need to worry about the size and security. You are allowed to back up to other SD cards, flash drives, portable hard drive, and computers, network path, etc.

More importantly, you have option to create bootable media with AOMEI Backupper Standard installed, which makes SD card copier portable, possible. Take along the bootable media around only and you take along the SD card duplicator. It is Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, XP and Vista supported. You may want to get the program and have a try.

How to copy from Panasonic SD card to another with simple steps?


  • Panasonic memory card adapter or Smart Card Reader to connect Panasonic SD card to a computer when there is no SD card slots.

  • Windows-based PC.

  • Download the free SD card duplicator.

Download Freeware

Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Secure Download

Detailed steps to copy Panasonic SD card to another:

1. Take out the Panasonic SD card from your camera. Connect it to the PC via an adapter or slot. Connect the target card as well, and make sure they can be detected.

2. Install and start AOMEI Backupper Standard on the same PC. Click Clone and then Disk Clone. Here will take clone Panasonic SD card to another for example.

Disk Clone

3. Select the Panasonic SD card as the source disk.

Choose Panasonic SD Card

4. Select the target SD card or disk. Note that the target disk will be overwritten so backup important data when necessary.

Choose Larger SD Card


5. Finally, click Start Clone and wait for the process completes.

Start Clone SD Card


  • Ticking Sector by sector clone option will clone all sectors on the SD card to another and the time will be longer.

  • You can copy files from Panasonic SD card to other storages through above steps as well.

  • AOMEI Backupper Standard is also robust SD card backup software.


Panasonic SD card copier helps transferring files to other places and protecting valuable data at the same time. As an all-around tool, AOMEI Backupper Standard plays important role in safeguarding Windows PCs. Therefore, it is suggested to keep it installed on the machine after data transferring. To unlock more advanced features with better experience, please upgrade to its Professional edition.