3 FREE Ways to Transfer Data from 16GB SD Card to 32GB

How to transfer data from one Micro SD card to another without losing data? You will get clear ideas and step-by-step instructions in this article, 3 freeways in total.


by Ivy Updated on November 15, 2022

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Can You Transfer Data from One Micro SD Card to Another?

“What should I do to transfer data from 16GB SD card to 32GB SD card, and use it in my Android Phone? I can directly move the data from SD card to another one, but I'm just worried I'm going to break some file paths or lose something in the move. Any advice? Thanks for any help.”

Transfer Data from 16GB to 32GB

Transferring data from 16GB SD card to 32 GB SD card is very common in our daily life, such as replacing SD in Android Phones or Cameras. Don’t worry if you don't know how to achieve it and we will show you the possible reasons and 3 freeways in this article.

Why Transfer Data from 16GB to 32GB?

SD card is still a storage device to help users store data, such as videos, pictures, etc. Here we summarize 3 main reasons for this operation:

  • Your SD card runs out of space.
  • You want to store more data on the SD card, but 16GB is not enough.
  • You are worried about losing data and want to create an exact copy of SD card.
  • ...

No matter what are the reasons you want to transfer data from one micro SD card to another, you can make it with 3 freeways below.

How to Transfer Data Between Micro SD Cards

Now, you will get the 3 freeways to transfer data between Micro SD cards. You can make full use of the internal storage on a phone, copy and paste files through a computer or directly clone SD card to larger SD card. If you want the most effortless way, please sroll down to Way 3.

Way 1: Transfer Data from One SD Card to Another on a Phone

If there is only a little data on the 16GB SD card, you could do the following to change the SD card in Android without losing data.

1. Transfer files to Android internal storage.

  • Locate Settings > Storage Settings> SD Card, and ensure it’s visible.

Storage Settings SD Card

  • Choose the folder you would like to transfeR.
  • Tap three vertical dots > choose Move to... or Copy to..., and select a destination for the files.
  • Click Move or Copy to transfer files to internal storage.

2. Power off your Android Phone, and replace the old 16GB SD card with the 32GB SD card.

3. Then move files from Android internal storage to 32GB SD card. Use the same way in Step 1 to transfer files to 32GB SD card.

Way 2: Transfer Data from 16GB SD Card to 32GB SD Card through Computer

You could transfer data from 16GB to 32GB in Windows computer. Here it is:

1. Prepare two SD card reader to connect the 16GB SD card and 32GB SD card, make sure they can be detected in Windows computer.

2. Open the two SD cards in Windows File Explorer.

3. Choose the folders in 16GB old SD card, and hit Ctrl + C to copy all the data.

4. Locate the 32GB SD card, and hit Ctrl + V to paste the data from 16GB SD card.

This way may not good for the installed programs files, after the transition, the installed program files may not working.

Way 3: Directly Clone Android SD Card to Larger One by Cloning Freeware

You could use the best free SD card clone software - AOMEI Backupper Standard to clone SD card to a larger SD card in Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (32-bit and 64-bit). It helps you to:

  • transfer videos, pictures, as well as other files on the 16GB SD card to a 32GB SD card. And it also works for transferring data from 32 GB to 64GB.

  • clone only used sectors on the 16GB SD card with intelligent sector clone mode.  

  • make full use of disk space on the 32GB SD card. You need to use the Edit Partitions feature, which is available on the professional version of AOMEI Backupper or higher.

To clone Android SD card to larger one, please download the best free SD card clone software - AOMEI Backupper Standard and follow the steps below carefully. 

Steps to clone 16GB SD card to 32GB SD card with AOMEI Backupper Standard:

1. Connect the two SD cards with your Windows Computer, and backup files on the 32GB SD card if there is any critical data.

2. Open AOMEI Backupper after installing. Click Clone tab and choose Disk Clone.

Disk Clone

3. Choose the 16GB SD card as the source disk, and hit Next >>.

Choose Smaller SD Card

4. Select the 32GB SD card as the target disk, and press Next >>.

Choose Larger SD Card

5. Press Start Clone >> to transfer data from 16GB to 32GB SD card completely. Wait until the process completes, replace the 16GB SD card with the 32GB, and put it into your Android Phone to normally use.

Start Clone 16GB SD Card to 32GB SD Card

The Cloning Settings:
Edit Partitions (premium feature): It allows you to add unused space to all partitions or manually adjust partition size on the 32GB card, without leaving unallocated space at the end of SD card.  
SSD Alignment: It's used to optimize the performance of the SSD drive and its lifespan. Just leave it behind.
Sector By Sector Clone: It is another cloning method, which will clone all sectors on the 16GB SD card, whether it's used or not. And usually, it is used to clone encrypted disk or hard drive with bad sectors.

Write in the End

How to transfer data from 16GB to 32GB without losing data? Try the 3 freeways described above, and among them, the cloning freeware - AOMEI Backupper Standard is the easiest and most effective way. You just need to connect two Micro SD cards and this software will take care of the rest, even helping you make full use of disk space on the 32GB SD card.

Besides the cloning method, if you don't mind selecting files or folders one by one, you can also use basic sync to transfer all files and folders from 16GB SD card to 32GB SD card. It works as well. In advanced edition, you can even use real-time sync, mirror sync and two-way sync. Please download it to explore more!

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