How to Backup Data on SD Card to Google Drive (5 Ways)

This article is written for users who want to backup SD card to Google Drive for security or multiple access. Here are 5 ways to help you.


By Ivy Updated on May 9, 2024

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User case: Can I backup my SD card to Google Drive?

“All my photos are saved on the SD card of my android device. For security reasons, I want to backup them to Google Drive. But Google photos don't allow me to choose the SD card as a location to backup and sync. How do I backup my phone data to Google Drive? Is it possible? Thanks in advance.”

Backup SD Card

Why backup SD card to Google Drive?

Google Drive is a cloud storage device released by Google, which allows you to store your data without extra device and sync files across different platforms, such as mobile and desktop apps. And it provides you 15 GB space for free only if you have one Google account. 

Therefore, many users want to backup data on an SD card to Google Drive. And we summarize some possible reasons that account for this:  

  • Add an extra layer to data security. In fact, the cloud storage will be much safer than other local storage, because it's far away from computer issues and natural disasters, such as, system crash, virus, spilled milk, hot water etc. 
  • Transfer files to another SD card for a duplicate copy.
  • Access files from multiple devices for portability.
  • Just backup SD card before formatting to avoid data loss.  

Backup SD card to Google Drive from Android

As known, Google Drive not only has desktop app, but also mobile and desktop apps, so you choose to backup SD card from Android without computer or use desktop app on a PC.

  • From Android device, you can use Phone Gallery or Google Drive app for mobile.
  • From PC, you can use Google Drive desktop folder or Google Drive for desktop. For details, check the next part

Before starting, please download Google Drive mobile app or Google Drive for desktop and then create an account and sign in with your Google Drive account. 

Sign in with Browser

 And then, continue to complete the backup process. 

Method 1: Upload photos to Google Drive from Android using Photo Gallery

1. Open the Photo Gallery on your Android Phone and select multiple photos you want to backup, then tap Send button or Menu button on the screen and choose Google Drive.

2. Click OK to upload the selected photos.

Note: If you want to backup entire Photo Album to google drive, you can choose any photo album and tap Menu button, and then select Google Drive, click OK to backup these selected photo albums.

Method 2: Backup everything on SD card to Google Drive with Google Drive app

Unlike Photo Gallery, you can upload more data not just photos. In Google Drive app, you can upload images, audios, videos, Word/Excel/PPT/PDF documents, and more. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Connect your Android phone to an available network. Then, open your Google Drive on the Android phone and log in your Google Drive account.

2. Click red plus icon at the low right corner of Google Drive and choose Upload.

Google Drive Android Choose Upload 1

3. Click Open From to select a path and select files or folders you want to backup, and then Click Done button. After that, Google Drive will back up those files to Cloud.

Google Drive Android Select Photos 1

Backup SD card to Google Drive from PC

To backup SD card to Google Drive from PC, you still have two practical ways. The desktop folder for Google Drive requires more human inrervention, while Google Drive desktop is more convenient. 

Method 1: Backup data on SD card using Google Drive folder

1. Connect your Android device to your computer and it will be recognized as removal storage. 

2. Then, open Windows Explorer and find your SD card.

3. Copy and paste data to Google Drive folder. Afterward, it will backup changes made in these folder automatically.

My Computer

Method 2: Backup SD card to Google Drive with Google Drive for Desktop 

1. Click Google Drive for desktop icon on the taskbar, tap on Settings option and select Preferences. It will tells you to get started with Drive for desktop, click No thanks or Take tour. 

get started with drive for desktop

2. Click Add Folder in the My Computer tab and select files or folders on the Android devices.

Add folder

3. Choose to Sync with Google Drive or Back up to Google Photos. The previous one is suitable for all file types while the later one uploads only photos and videos. And the changes will not be synced automatically if you use the second option. 

sync with google drive

4. Back to the main page My Computer and click Save to backup or sync files. 


✔ The desktop app still allows you to sync Google Drive to local drive automatically with its Google Drive option. It has two sync options, the Stream files is recommended to save hard drive space.
✔ The desktop app will delete the files removed from local compmuter. If you want a safer way, you can backup files on website. Click "New" and "File upload" or "Folder upload" to upload your files or folders.

Stream Files

More flexible way to sync SD card to Google Drive automatically 

AOMEI Backupper is a trust and reliable file sync software for Windows users, which is used worldwide and has more than 20+ million users. Thanks to its clear interface and user-friendly design, all users including novices can backup or sync SD card to Google Drive automatically in simple steps.

★ In free file backup or sync software, you can enjoy daily, weekly, monthly settings. But there are some differences between these two methods.   
Backup Method: It focuses more on data security, which will compress all files into an image file and requires a restore before using it. And you are able to delete old backup images based on its cleanup methods (in the premium version). 
Sync Method: It is more concerned with easy access and use, thus others can modify or delete your files as long as they know your Google Drive account and password. 

Here take Sync method as an example. To backup SD card to Google Drive, try File Backup in this software. Please download and install AOMEI Backupper Standard.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

1. Connect your SD card using a card reader or directly connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable. Then, launch AOMEI Backupper Standard after installing and click Sync and Basic Sync subsequently. 

File Sync

2. Click + Add Folder to select all files or folders you want to sync. 

Add Folder

Note: At the right side of selected files or folders, you can see a funnel shaped button called "Filter Settings", which can help you backup or sync files with certain file extension. If needed, please upgrade to AOMEI Backupper Professional to enjoy this feature. 

3. Click the drop-down menu and choose Select a cloud drive. 

Add Share or NAS

4. In the Select Cloud window, tap on Google Drive and click OK to add Google Drive as sync destination. 

If Google Drive is not listed in the following window, try to share My Drive folder from This PC  and use it as a network path. And then, you can sync files to Google Drive using the Add Share or NAS Devices option. It requires you to type the network path.

Backup to Google Drive

5.  Click Schedule Sync and then enable it, select Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Finally, click Start Sync to sync SD card to Google Drive automatically. 

Schedule Sync

✔ Except for Daily/Weekly/Monthly schedule settings, you can also try Event triggers or USB plug in. 
✔ To sync files in real-time, please use "Real-time sync" on the premium version. It's recommended for users who modify files very frequently or work with a team.  
✔ To sync files and avoid any unwanted changes in the destination folder, try "Mirror Sync" feature. It will undo changes made in the destination at the next schedule sync even if the malicious people modify or delete some files in it.
✘ Don't modify the source folder name, otherwise the program will not sync your files anymore. 

★ How to backup files to AOMEI Cloud

Apart from the cloud drives offered by third-party providers, you can also backup files to AOMEI Cloud. It offers you 1TB free storage for 15 days after you sign up for an AOMEI account.



Whether you want to backup SD card to Google Drive from Android or PC, this article helps you and provides different methods. To sync files with flexible settings, try AOMEI Backupper Standard.  It allows you to select daily, weekly, or monthly. In its premium version, you still can use event trigger, USB plug in, even real-time file sync. 

To protect unlimited PCs within a company, AOMEI Backupper Technician is worth a try. With it, you can create a portable version of this software and save it to removable device. You run it on any PC without installing again. Still don't have a copy of your important files? Download Google Drive and sync your files with one of the methods in the above.

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