By Delia / Last update October 20, 2020

What is IDE hard drive?

IDE is the abbreviation of Integrated Drive Electronics which is also known as Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) or later Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA). ATA interface is the first standard hard drive interface and is widely used in hard drive at that age. Data transfers on ATA interface hard drive at the rate of up to 133MB/S. ATA interface hard drive lasts several decades and even till now when the SATA interface hard drive popular than ever.

IDE hard drive has the specialty of low cost so many manufactures still build their computer with this kind of hard drive. Generally speaking, except for low data transfer rate, IDE hard drive can meet most basic computer operating like reading and writing files. Surely, for user who pursuits fast running speed in gaming, it is suggested to upgrade IDE hard drive to SSD.

IDE hard drive 250GB

Why clone IDE to IDE hard drive?

IDE hard drive, like every other hard drives, dies eventually after several years of use. Therefore, it is imperative to replace IDE hard drive in laptop or desktop. Apparently, a part of users would like to clean install their OS on new hard drive.

However, to keep all data intact and to avoid reinstalling all applications and software, it is advised to do IDE to IDE clone.

As mentioned above, IDE hard drives are cheaper than common hard drives. If you find it is fine to work with IDE hard drive, keep working with it. What’s more, another important reason to clone to IDE hard drive is that your PC might only supports IDE interface.

Although this issue can be easily solved with an IDE-to-SATA cable adapter, apart from instability, a lot of works need to be done.

IDE to IDE hard drive duplicator – AOMEI Backupper

When it comes to hard drive replacing or hard drive upgrading, a hard drive cloning software is necessary. AOMEI Backupper Professional is reliable IDE hard drive cloning software which allows you to clone big IDE hard drive to smaller IDE drive and vice versa. Intelligent clone (file-by-file clone), sector-by-sector clone, and hot clone are available.

For user who does not want to do IDE hard drive clone under Windows environment, AOMEI Backupper offers “Create Bootable Media” feature to clone hard drive in Win PE mode as well. This ensures the stability of cloning process and also speed it up.

In addition, this IDE to IDE cloner supports to move only operating system from one drive to the other. To learn more, please refer to Windows System Clone feature.


  • Replacement for current IDE hard drive – a new IDE HDD

  • A PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10.

  • A forementioned AOMEI Backupper.

  • For user who wants to clone laptop IDE to IDE hard drive, an USB cable is necessary. However, it is suggested to complete this task via backup & restore method to ensure successful boot.

How to clone IDE HDD to IDE step by step in Windows?

1. Install the new IDE HDD to your PC. Install the IDE to IDE cloner – AOMEI Backupper Professional and start it.

2. At the main console, click Clone > Disk Clone.

Disk Clone

3. Select current running IDE hard drive as the source disk.

Source Disk

4. Select the new IDE hard drive as the target disk.

Destination Disk

5. Check the Operation Summary and click Start Clone at last.

Operation Summary

6. On completion, replace old IDE drive with the new one. It is suggested to remove original IDE hard drive to perform a thorough boot test.


  • Edit Partitions: you can resize partitions on the new IDE drive.

  • Sector by sector clone: you can recover deleted and formatted data by ticking this. However, it will make edit partitions unavailable.

  • SSD Alignment: check this option to improve SSD’s reading and writing speed if you clone IDE hard drive to an SSD.


AOMEI Backupper, the easiest IDE to IDE hard drive duplicator, provides a good way to clone IDE disk in Windows. To clone a particular data partition, try Partition Clone feature instead.

If you’re running Windows Server operating systems, like Windows Server 2008, 2012, or 2016, AOMEI Backupper Server edition is more suitable for you.