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AnsweredCan I Clone Hard Drive While Windows Is Running?

Best Answered by Maggie September 22, 2023

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Yes, you can clone disk while running Windows. “Can I clone hard drive while Windows is running” can get a positive answer and users may think about the below points:

◥ Users can keep working without interruptions during hard drive cloning, ensuring productivity.

◥ In case of unexpected issues, users have the option to stop the cloning process promptly.

◥ There's no need to reboot into Windows PE or PreOS mode after cloning, simplifying and streamlining the cloning procedure for added convenience.

While there are numerous cloning software options available, the majority of them require either a shutdown or a Windows reboot once the cloning is finished. This can significantly disrupt the cloning process, making it less efficient and more cumbersome.

For a more convenient and straightforward cloning experience, consider using AOMEI Backupper Standard. This is free, reliable and professional disk clone software that incorporates Hot Clone technology. This means you can clone your drive while Windows is running, eliminating the need for a reboot once the cloning process is finished. It streamlines the entire process for added ease and efficiency.

Before you start, please download this software via the below free link.

AOMEI Backupper - Professional Windows Backup Solution

Safeguard your precious data with robust and intuitive Windows data protection solution.

1Launch AOMEI Backupper and then choose Clone and then select Disk Clone.

☞Warmly note: AOMEI Backupper Standard only support non-system disk. if you want to migrate the whole OS to another location, please upgrade to the advanced version.

2Then you need to select the source hard drive you want to migrate.

3Then please choose your destination path. You need to choose a larger hard drive to save your original hard drive clone image.

☞Tip: If your target hard drive is SSD, you can tick the SSD Alignment to accelerate the reading and writing speed of the SSD disk.

4Now please select Start Clone to clone your hard drive.

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