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AnsweredCan I Clone Hard Drive with Two Partitions?

Best Answered by Jonna September 25, 2023

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Yes, of course. You can clone a hard drive with two partitions or multiple partitions.

It is common that there are two or multiple partitions on a hard drive. The biggest difficulty when cloning a disk with multiple partitions is that the target disk usually has different disk space, distribution pattern, and layout. This leads to many people worrying whether the cloning will be successful or whether the destination disk needs to be pre-conditioned to be identical to the source disk.

But in fact, as long as you use specialized tools, you don't have to worry because the cloning process will automatically overwrite everything on the target disk. Since Windows does not have its own cloning tool, disk cloning usually requires the help of third-party software. AOMEI Backupper Standard is a good helper.

AOMEI Backupper - Professional Disk Cloning Software

Clone HDD to smaller/larger SSD, clone an entire disk or a specific partition without interrupting your work.

You can use its Disk Clone or Partition Clone to copy entire disk or separate partitions. It provides different cloning methods: Sector by Sector Clone and Intelligent Clone. With the first option, you can clone a multi-partition hard drive to an SSD/HDD of the same size or larger. The other one allows you to clone larger drive to smaller SSD/HDD by only copying the used sectors.

👉Note: The Disk Clone function on the Standard version is only available to clone data disk. If you wish to clone a system disk or do a system clone, please upgrade to the Pro version.

Now, you can get this tool and go on with the following steps to clone your hard drive with two or more partitions easily:

1Run AOMEI Backupper Standard, and select Clone -> Disk Clone.

2Choose the disk with two or more partitions as the source, and click Next.

3Choose your destination disk, and hit Next.

4Check SSD Alignment when clone disk to SSD, and tick Sector By Sector Clone if you want to copy every sector on the old disk. Finally, click Start Clone.

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