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AnsweredDoes Sabrent SSD Have Cloning Software?

Best Answered by Jonna September 25, 2023

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Yes, all Sabrent SSDs come with Acronis True Image for Sabrent, a free cloning software.

After you download the Sabrent Acronis True Image on your computer, you can use it to clone a hard drive to Sabrent SSD or clone Sabrent SSD to another disk with the following guidelines:

Step 1. Connect your Sabrent SSD and another disk to computer.

Step 2. Select Clone Disk on the TOOLS page, and choose Automatic mode.

Step 3. Select the source disk and target disk as needed.

Step 4. Confirm the deletions of all the partitions on the target disk, and click Proceed to start clone.

However, plenty of users have met errors during Sabrent SSD cloning with Acronis True Image for Sabrent, like Acronis for Sabrent not working, Acronis Sabrent won't recognize SSD, etc. Therefore, in order to avoid wasting your time or causing data loss due to clone failure, it is wiser to choose a professional cloning tool, like AOMEI Backupper Standard.

AOMEI Backupper - Professional Disk Cloning Software

Clone HDD to smaller/larger SSD, clone an entire disk or a specific partition without interrupting your work.

AOMEI Backupper Standard is an all-around data protection and migration tool for Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista. It offers complete cloning options to migrate selected partition(s) or entire disk. By default, it will copy only used sectors, so you can clone larger drive to smaller SSD as long as it’s large enough to hold all your existing data. Besides, it contains SSD alignment feature to improve the performance of the Sabrent SSD and prolong its life span.

Here we take how to use the Sabrent SSD cloner AOMEI Backupper Standard to clone old hard drive to Sabrent SSD as an example to show you detailed steps:

1Launch this cloning software, select Clone followed by Disk Clone.

2Specify the source hard drive from which you want to clone the data, and then select your Sabrent SSD as the destination. Click Next to continue.

3Tick the SSD Alignment option to enhance the writing and reading speed of the target SSD, and click Start Clone.


♦ The Disk Clone features on Standard version can only clone data disk, if you want to clone a system disk, please upgrade to the Pro version. Here, you can also copy only the system partition and system-related partition(s) via the System Clone option.

♦ The cloning process will overwrite the target disk. So please backup files in advance if they are important.

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