Best Verbatim SSD Clone Software: Effortless Data Replication

Are you looking for a verbatim SSD clone software? In this article, we will recommend you the best verbatim SSD clone software to help you clone any SSD you want without any loss.


By Miya Updated on January 22, 2024

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User Case: What Is The Best Free SSD Cloning Software?

“Hey, folks! Anybody know a reliable verbatim SSD clone software? Got a Samsung SSD on my Windows 10 rig, and I want to upgrade without losing a byte. Any personal faves or tips on hassle-free cloning? Thanks a bunch!” 

If you are also looking for a verbatim SSD clone software, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will recommend you one of the best verbatim SSD utilities for cloning to help you clone any SSD you want without any loss. Let's take a look at which software it is. And what are the reasons for recommending it? Please read it carefully!

Best Verbatim SSD Clone Software - AOMEI Backupper

Consider using AOMEI Backupper Professional as your go-to verbatim SSD migration tool. Easily transfer Windows OS, programs, apps, and crucial files from your old disk to a new SSD. Check out its features:

Clone Methods: Opt for disk, partition, or system clone based on your needs.
SSD Compatibility: It supports various SSD types and brands, from SATA to NVMe, Crucial to Samsung.
Intelligent Clone: Defaults to cloning used sectors, allowing larger disk-to-SSD transfers.
Live Clone: Conduct cloning tasks while Windows is running for uninterrupted computer use.
SSD Alignment: Speed up your SSD's read and write performance.

Download verbatim software - AOMEI Backupper Professional, the ultimate verbatim SSD migration software, and follow the user-friendly wizard for seamless data migration to another SSD.

AOMEI Backupper

Easiest disk clone software for personal use.

How to Clone SSD via AOMEI Backupper Without Data Loss

Use this verbatim SSD clone software to clone SSD to SSD with the following steps:

1. Ensure the proper connection of your new SSD to the computer. If your system has a single drive bay, employ a USB-to-SATA adapter.
2. Be aware that the target disk will be overwritten. If there are crucial files, consider backing them up as a precaution.

Step 1. Begin by launching AOMEI Backupper Professional. Next, navigate to the Clone section and choose Disk Clone.

Note: For cloning the Windows OS to another hard drive, it's recommended to utilize the System Clone feature.

Disk Clone

Step 2. Choose the source disk you want to clone and click the Next button.

Source Disk

Step 3. Selecting the new SSD as the destination disk, and then click Next to proceed.

Destination Disk

Step 4. Check the box for SSD Alignment to enhance the reading and writing speed of the destination SSD. Afterward, click on Start Clone to initiate the cloning process.

Start Clone

♧ EditPartitions: Utilize this function to modify the partition sizes on the destination disk.
♧ Sector by Sector Clone: This option replicates all sectors, regardless of whether they contain data. However, it's advisable for use when cloning disks of the same or larger size. If cloning from a larger to a smaller disk, enabling this option may lead to clone failure.
This migration tool supports various scenarios, including cloning a system disk from MBR to MBR, cloning a GPT system disk to MBR, migrating an MBR system disk to GPT, or transferring a GPT system disk to GPT.

Step 5. Once the cloning progress reaches 100%, click Finish to exit the interface.

◉ How to boot from cloned SSD

To ensure the newly cloned SSD is bootable, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Restart your computer and access the BIOS by pressing F2, F10, or Del.
  2. Navigate to the boot menu, and within the boot priority section, designate the new hard drive as 3. the primary boot option in the BIOS.
  3. Save the changes by pressing F10 and then restart the computer.

5 FAQs About Verbatim SSD Clone Software

✈Q: What is verbatim SSD clone software?

A: Verbatim SSD clone software refers to programs designed to clone or replicate the content of a Solid State Drive (SSD) while maintaining an exact, unchanged copy of the data. This ensures a precise duplication of the original information without any modifications.

✈Q: Why use verbatim SSD clone software?

A: Verbatim SSD clone software is beneficial for tasks such as data migration, system backup, or upgrading storage devices. It allows users to transfer the entire content of one SSD to another seamlessly, preserving the integrity of the data.

✈Q: What is the difference between verbatim SSD cloning and regular cloning?

A: Verbatim SSD cloning specifically emphasizes maintaining an exact replica of the original data during the cloning process. Regular cloning may involve optimizations or compression, potentially altering the cloned content.

✈Q: Are there any precautions I should take before using verbatim SSD clone software?

A: Before using verbatim SSD clone software, it's advisable to back up crucial data on the source disk. Additionally, ensure the new SSD is correctly connected to the computer, and follow any specific instructions provided by the software to avoid data loss.

✈Q: Can I use verbatim SSD clone software for upgrading my laptop's SSD?

A: Yes, verbatim SSD clone software is commonly used for upgrading laptop SSDs. It allows users to transfer data seamlessly from the old SSD to a new one, facilitating an efficient and accurate upgrade process.


Here's comprehensive information on the top-notch verbatim SSD clone software for a smooth transition of your data to a new SSD. AOMEI Backupper makes cloning SSD to SSD a breeze with various Windows OS.

Embraced by numerous users, AOMEI Backupper stands out for its integrated features and user-friendly interface. Serving as an excellent backup and restore solution, it effortlessly backs up computer files to Google Drive. Ready to explore its capabilities? Why not give it a try today?

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