Top 2 SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD Cloning Software for All Windows

This article show you 2 SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD cloning software to help you transfer data or operating system to the SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD. You won't experience any data loss or failure to boot.


By Maggie Updated on August 25, 2023

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Does SanDisk SSD come with cloning software?

When you have purchased a SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD, you will be eager to replace the old disk with the new one or migrate the data from the old disk to the new one. 

Sandisk SSD

Unfortunately, SanDisk SSD does not come with cloning software to migrate data from a hard disk to an SSD. Luckily, some third-party software offers such utilities. This article will provide you with a detailed tutorial on how to do a data or system migration using the most professional cloning software.

How to Install SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD?

Preparation: Before SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD installation, make sure you have the required hardware for your installation scenario:

  1. SATA data cable
  2. USB-to-SATA data cable
  3. 3.5-inch mounting adapter and screws (required for desktop computers only)
  4. Phillips screwdriver

Required Hardware

Connecting Your SSD to Your Computer

First, you will need to connect the SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD to your computer in order to clone your data. Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Carefully connect SATA end of the SATA-to-USB cable to your SanDisk SSD.
  2. Connect the USB end of the SATA-to-USB cable to an available USB port on your computer.
  3. Wait for the operating system to recognize the SanDisk SSD.

Connect SanDisk SSD

✨ Note: SATA devices (such as SSDs) may draw more power than some computers are capable of supplying. If the SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD is not recognized, remove all other USB devices from the computer, leaving only the SanDisk SSD connected. Keep these devices disconnected until the data migration is complete.

What’s the Best SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD Cloning Software?

Once you have the SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD connected to your computer, you can start cloning your data. You will need to find an SSD cloning software that works for you. Here are two best SanDisk cloning software recommended for you, you can first learn about their basic functions separately.

  • AOMEI Backupper Professional is a complete Windows PC data protection and clone Software. You can use it to clone your system disk to HDD/SSD without reinstalling the operating system. It supports a wide range of hard drives, including HDD, SATA SSD, NVMe M.2 SSD, USB flash drive and SD card, etc. Meanwhile, You can clone all brands and models of SSDs, for example, clone Western Digital SSD, clone HDD to Kingston SSD, transfer Windows 10 to NVMe SSD, etc.
  • Acronis True Image for Western Digital is an integrated software suite that ensures the security of all the information on your computer. All the information on your computer. It can back up your documents, photos, e-mails and selected partitions, the even entire disk drives, including the operating system, applications, settings and all your data. In case of a disaster, such as loss of data, backup allows you to recover your computer system, accidentally delete critical files or folders, or suffer a complete hard drive crash.

✨ Note: Download Acronis True Image for Western Digital provides a 5-year license to use it with your compatible drive. This software is available only under a limited time offer and must be redeemed by download and install within 90 days of purchase or by December 31, 2023, whichever is earlier. This offer may not be combined with other offers and is subject to change. Terms and conditions apply.

Detailed Steps for Cloning to SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD

After learning the basic information about the two SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD clone software, you can refer to the following steps to learn how to clone SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD using the disk cloning feature. You will not encounter any data loss or system crash problems.

Way 1. Clone SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD with AOMEI Backupper

  1.  Install and start AOMEI Backupper Professional. Click Clone, and select Disk Clone.
Download DemoWin11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Disk Clone

✨ Tip: If you just want to clone a disk without OS, such as clone an external drive or USB drive, you can try free disk clone software - AOMEI Backupper Standard.

  1. Select the original hard drive as the source disk that you want to perform data migration, and then click on Next.

Source Disk

  1. Select the SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD as the destination path.

Destination Disk

  1. Check SSD Alignment option, which can improve the writing & reading speed of SSD disk while cloning hard drive to SSD, then click Start Clone.

Start Clone

👉 Helpful features for cloning: 
✬ Edit Partitions: To make full use of unallocated space left on the target disk. It's mainly used to clone disk to larger disk, regardless of HDD or SSD. 
✬ Sector by Sector Clone: To clone all sectors of the original disk to the target drive with larger or same disk space. Please note this feature can make "Edit Partitions" disappear.

  1. When you're done cloning, you can swap your current drive with a new SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD.

Way 2. Clone SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD with Acronis True Image WD

  1. Install Acronis True Image WD on your computer. When the software window opens, click Tools on the sidebar, and then click Clone disk.
  2. Choose whether to use Automatic (recommended) or Manual transfer mode. Then click Next.
  • Automatic: the partitions will be proportionally resized to fit your target drive.
  • Manual: change the disk partition layout as you wish.

Automatic Clone Mode

  1. Select the drive that you want to clone. Then click Next.

Select Source Disk

  1. Select the SSD as the destination drive and then click Next. You will receive a prompt, saying all the data on the destination disk will be deleted, confirm it and click OK.

Select Destination Disk

  1. Click Proceed to have Acronis clone drive.

Proceed the Cloning Process

Wait for the process to be completed. Then this program will inform you of the next steps to take.

Boot from the Cloned SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD

If you cloned the system disk and want to boot from the cloned back disk, you can refer to the following steps.

  1. Restart your computer press the required key (F1, F2, F10, F12, Delete, etc.) to enter BIOS settings.
  2. Find the boot menu and set the cloned hard drive as the first boot option among all the devices.

Change Boot Order Bios

  1. Press F10 to save the settings and exit.

Final Words

This article provides you with the best 2 SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD cloning software. With their help, you can easily migrate your data or system from your computer to SSD. I recommend you to use AOMEI Backupper, which is the best Sandisk SSD cloning software that ensures that you can boot successfully from the cloned disk. You can also use its backup feature to provide daily protection for the data on your computer. You can also use it to synchronize two hard drives. All these operations can be done in just a few clicks. Try it out now!

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