Fixed: Samsung Data Migration Software Won't Install in Windows

Find Samsung Data Migration software won’t install when you want to clone hard drive to Samsung SSD? Learn how to fix Samsung Data Migration software not installing problem and complete migration.


By Ivy Updated on August 25, 2023

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The Issue: Samsung Data Migration Software Won't Install

"The data migration software, which comes with Samsung SSD 550 EVO, won’t install. When I try to install the software, after I give the permission to ‘make changes to this computer’, everything disappears and nothing happens. I made some efforts, run as administrator, turned off firewall, and removed other unnecessary external connections, but with no luck.
I’m confused because Samsung Magician could be installed perfectly on my PC and there are no SSD recognition problems. I just want to copy everything from hard drive to my newly purchased SSD. What can I do to get the software installed? If not, how could I move Windows from HDD to Samsung SSD? Thanks."

In a few cases, you may encounter Samsung migration software does not install issue, which is quite annoying in the event of data migration. Why does that trouble occur and what can you do to fix it?

Causes & Fixes for Samsung Data Migration Software Not Installing

Actually, reasons for software not installing are quite easy. Here are the two most possible causes, and corresponding fixes followed by.

  • Outdate Samsung Data Migration software. Make sure the software you’re installing is of the latest version. If not, you can go to Samsung official website to download tools and software.

  • Corrupted installation files of the software. To fix it, you can also download migration software from their website.

  • The installation program is already running in the background. You can check Task Manager by running taskmgr command. If it is running, wait patiently to let it install. If not, restart your computer and install it again.

After successfully installed Samsung Data Migration software, you may want to know how to use it to perform data migration. Likewise, the operation is simple.

If you are still unable to get Samsung Data Migration software installed after those attempts, check the best alternative to Samsung Data Migration in the paragraph that is after next part.

How to Use Samsung Data Migration to Clone Hard Drive

1. Connect or install Samsung SSD to your computer. Start Samsung Data Migration software and click Start at the lower-right corner to continue.

2. Verify the source disk and select Samsung SSD as destination. 

Verify disks

Samsung Data Migration can only migrate system disk on the current computer.

3. A warning dialogue will pop out saying all data on the new Samsung SSD will be lost. Confirm the risk and click Yes to start the process. Wait for the process completes.

4. The cloning process completes successfully when you see a message reading “The data on the Source Disk has been successfully cloned to your Samsung SSD”. Click Exit.

Cloning is complete

5. Exit the program and shut down your computer. Then, you need to manually swap hard drive with SSD. Or, you can change boot order in BIOS as well.

You may need to switch IDE mode to AHCI mode in BIOS. For a user who is in RAID mode, just leave it alone.

You Need Samsung Data Migration Alternative Sometimes

Indeed, Samsung Data Migration software is quite easy to use. Nevertheless, sometimes it fails you. Many users complained on social media that Samsung migration software failed to clone, Samsung Data Migration stuck at 0 or 99 percent, Samsung Data Migration not working, Samsung Data Migration not responding, and so on. If you’re unlucky and get into one of those troubles, check this way out.

AOMEI Backupper Professional is a powerful data migration software that is able to copy disk entirely to Samsung SSD, Toshiba SSD, Kingston SSD, SanDisk SSD, Crucial SSD, etc. It has no bundled software and 100% clean. 

  • By default, this software clones only used sectors on a hard drive. So you can easily clone larger drive to smaller drive with a secure boot.
  • If it is an encrypted disk, it will clone hard drive sector by sector to prevent any data loss during the process.
  • It still helps to clone MBR disk to GPT (or clone GPT disk to MBR) andbe sure the cloned drive remains bootable. Also, it will not delete data on the target disk.
  • More importantly, it helps do 4K alignment on SSD while cloning in order to improve its performance.

If you’re using a laptop and have no connection cable, you can use the backup-and-restore method to move data. But first, you need to create bootable drive using the software to boot bare metal computer. Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista supported. FREE download it here and have a try.

Download DemoWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Detailed steps of cloning hard drive via AOMEI Backupper Professional:

1. In AOMEI Backupper, go Clone > Disk Clone.

Disk Clone

2. Select the source disk, i.e. hard drive, and click Next.

Select Disk

3. Select the destination disk, i.e. Samsung SSD, and click Next.

Choose Destination Disk

4. At the summary step, check the option SSD Alignment and click Start Clone to clone hard drive to Samsung SSD. 

Start Clone

5. Click Finish when it completes. Manually replace hard drive with cloned SSD and let Windows boot from it.

Final words

Some common causes for Samsung Data Migration software won’t install are described above, followed by relevant solutions. Steps on how to clone hard drive with Samsung Data Migration software as well as its best alternative are displayed also. Choose the most suitable for yourself.

It is suggested to keep AOMEI Backupper installed after cloning as it is also comprehensive backup software to backup PC. Comparing to Windows built-in backup utilities, it has more backup options to meet your demands, and faster backup speed, and stronger stability to protect data. Go for it and enjoy.

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