Drive Cloner Rx: Main Features & Alternative for 2024

This article provides a detailed rundown to tell you what Drive Cloner Rx is and about its core features. It concludes by recommending the best alternative to clone drive.


By Miya Updated on December 29, 2023

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What Is Drive Cloner Rx?

Drive Cloner Rx offers the capability to generate a comprehensive replica of your computer's hard drive, allowing for a seamless restoration of the entire system in case of a virus attack or malicious system failure.

Employing unique hard drive imaging technology, Drive Cloner Rx provides a swift and straightforward method to produce a full bare metal image of your PC. Consequently, in the face of a system disaster like a malfunctioning hard drive, you can effortlessly reinstate the operational image of your workstation onto a newly installed hard disk or a different PC.

Drive Cloner Rx

👉What Is the Best Drive Cloner Rx Alternative?

Key Points of Drive Cloner Rx

Here are some core features of Drive Cloner Rx:

· Safeguard an unlimited number of physical drives
· Secure backups for numerous hard drive partitions
· Execute comprehensive incremental and differential backup processes
· Manage image file size with options for Normal or High compression
· Validate the integrity of backups
· Explore backups through virtual drives
· Craft a bootable CD/DVD media disk
· Generate an ISO image for convenience
· Establish scheduled tasks for automated backups
· Choose the option to overwrite the last full backup file
· Initiate all backup tasks manually
· Commence one-time backups or set them to start after a specified elapsed time

As much as Drive Cloner Rx has some features and benefits, we still recommend you to use its alternative software. Why? Read on!

Why You Need a Drive Cloner Rx Alternative?

Drive Cloner Rxis a software tool designed for drive cloning and backup purposes. Here are some general disadvantages associated with this drive cloning software:

  • Compatibility Issues: Drive Cloner Rx may encounter compatibility issues with certain hardware configurations or types of storage devices.
  • Limited Operating System Support: Drive Cloner Rxmay have limitations in terms of the operating systems they support, potentially excluding newer or less common operating systems.
  • Complexity for Novice Users: Drive cloning processes can be complex, and inexperienced users may find it challenging to navigate the software interface and make the right choices during the cloning process.
  • Cost for its Features: While some drive cloning software is free or available in basic versions, Drive Cloner Rx come with a cost.

Therefore, we recommend you a hard drive clone software that is compatible with various systems and brands. The following is a detailed description of this software and tell you how to use the easiest way to clone a drive via this software.

What Is the Best Drive Cloner Rx Alternative?

Ranked among the top best drive cloner for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, AOMEI Backupper Professional boasts the following notable features:

✍Versatile Cloning Methods: Offers three cloning methods—Disk Clone, System Clone, and Partition Clone, compatible with popular disk brands like Samsung SSDs, WD disks, Crucial SSDs, etc.
✍Live Disk Cloning: Allows seamless cloning of a hard drive to another HDD or SSD without interrupting the ongoing operating system, known as "Live Disk Cloning" or "Hot Clone."
✍Selective Cloning Options: By default, the software clones existing data (used sectors) on the disk, but users can opt for the "Sector by sector clone" to replicate all sectors on the source disk, whether used or not.
✍SSD Optimization: If the target drive is an SSD, the "SSD Alignment" feature can enhance reading and writing speed while extending the SSDs' lifespan.

In situations where Windows fails to boot or you prefer not to load the operating system during cloning, this tool for hard drive cloning assists in creating bootable media.

If you lack external media, you can easily add recovery environment entry using AOMEI Backupper Recovery Environment.

How to Clone a Hard Drive via AOMEI Backupper

Now, let's explore the step-by-step process for disk cloning, using the example of cloning a hard drive to an SSD. Begin by downloading the demo of this cloning tool for a trial.

AOMEI Backupper

Best Drive Cloner Rx Alternative for personal use.

Prior to cloning:
◉Ensure awareness that all data on the destination disk will be overwritten during the cloning process, so back up important files in advance.
◉If intending to clone to an external drive, connect it to your PC beforehand. If the drive is not initialized, initiate the process in Disk Management before proceeding.

Step 1. Choose the Disk Clone option under the Clone tab to initiate the hard drive cloning process.

Disk Clone

Step 2. By choosing the source disk (Disk0) that you intend to clone, and then click Next.

Select Source Disk

Step 3. By choosing the SSD as the destination disk (Disk1) to store all cloned data, then click Next.

Select Destination Disk

In case the destination disk contains data, a prompt will appear indicating potential overwriting or deletion. Click OK to proceed, assuming you've backed up the data in advance.

Backup Data First

Step 4. Since you are cloning a hard drive to an SSD, it is advisable to select the SSD Alignment option to enhance performance and extend the lifespan of the SSD. After confirming the settings, click Start Clone to securely clone the HDD to the SSD.

Start Clone

Useful Tips:
►Opt for "Sector by sector clone" to replicate all sectors from the source disk to the destination disk, regardless of whether they are in use or not. Avoid this option when cloning a large hard drive to a smaller SSD to prevent cloning failures. 
►Employ "Edit Partitions" to display the full capacity of the target drive when cloning a disk to a larger one. Options like "Add unused space to all partitions" and "Manually adjust partition size" are available.

Step 5. Click Finish once all disk cloning operations are completed.

►Typically, the disk containing the current operating system cannot serve as the destination disk. For specific needs, create a bootable disc and conduct cloning in WinPE mode.
►If the destination disk is dynamic, convert it to a basic disk without data loss or use the "System Clone" and "Partition Clone" features.
►To clone disks from any computer at any time, consider using AOMEI Backupper Technician or Technician Plus to create a portable version.

✌How to boot from cloned hard drive

When cloning a disk with the installed operating system, it is recommended to restart your computer and repeatedly press a designated key (typically F2, F8, F12, Del) to access the BIOS Setup. Navigate to the Boot section and set the cloned disk as the primary boot device in the BIOS. Alternatively, replace the old hard drive with the new one to boot directly from the cloned drive.

Change Boot Order BIOS


This article describes in detail what Drive Cloner Rx is and its core features. However this utility has some drawbacks that don't work very well. That's why we recommend you another disk clone software - AOMEI Backupper to help you with cloning.

Beyond disk cloning, AOMEI Backupper serves as versatile backup and sync software. It facilitates routine system backups, enables the deployment of system images to other computers, conducts bare-metal backup and restoration, and ensures continuous data protection through real-time synchronization.Why not try it now?

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