In the AOMEI Backupper, there are two main functions: Backup and Clone. You may get confused of the two functions. What are the differences between Backup and Clone? How could you choose the right way to meet your requirements?

Clone can be considered as a kind of copy. In this case, the format of the source is still retained after clone. And you can directly check the content after clone.

Also, for system, partition and disk clone, the destination partition or disk will be overwritten after you run the clone. Please perform a backup if there is important data in advance.

For system disk clone, you can directly use the newly cloned disk to boot your PC. Please install the target disk internally after cloning and you may need to modify the boot mode in BIOS/UEFI when you boot from the target drive.

In a word, we advise you to use the feature “Disk Clone” if you would like to migrate your system disk to a disk with a larger capacity or if you would like to migrate from HDD to a new SSD.


System clone is a way to migrate the operating system and system-related partitions to another drive. So other data partitions on the disk will not be cloned.

Disk clone accurately copies one hard drive to another. All data and files on the original disk will be transferred, including the operating system, applications, partitions, and configurations/settings.

Backup is a way of imaging the source. It will generate an image of .afi (file backup) or .adi format (system, partition or disk backup).     

In this case, you are unable to open and check the source directly in Windows File Explorer.

You need to first restore the backup image and then you can check it. Or, you can use the feature “Explore Image” to view the content of backup without restore. Please check the instructions here.

Also, the backup image itself does not overwrite the destination location. But for system, partition and disk restore, the destination partition or disk will be overwritten. Please perform a backup if there is important data in advance.

To be brief, you can recover your data and system with this feature in case of data loss or system crash. It is a better way to secure your data and system.

And, you can automatically and regularly back up your system and data with the “Schedule Backup” feature in AOMEI Backupper. Please check details here.

Also, the feature “Backup Scheme” enables you to automatically delete backup image files based on the type of scheme you choose so you can automatically manage your storage space.

Please check details here.

If there are still any questions, please contact our AOMEI Support Team.