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What Is Portable Version and How to Create It?

AOMEI Post By AOMEI Updated May 9, 2024

What Means Portable Version?

The portable version is a way to put all the installation files and configuration settings of a program into an accessible folder, and you can run it on any PC by clicking its .exe file. And usually, it's saved on a removable device, such as, USB drive. 

By contrast, there is another form of program - Installer. Why do we use portable version instead of Installer? Check portable verion vs installer in the following:

First, it does not require installation. The installer requires you to install it first and all the installation files go to server different locations, such as, bulk of the app’s files in the C:\Program Files folder, files contains settings for all users of the app in ProgramData folder and particular to different users stored in the hidden “AppData” folder, etc.

Second, it's portable. It allows you to take the portable version of software everywhere and use on any PC. 

Third, it's easy to backup and recover. It includes all the installations files and configured settings into a folder instead different location, you can easily backup portable program and recover it as needed.

How to Create Portable Version of Backup Software to Protect Data

Backup is good habit to protect data, but it's time-consuming to install a backup software and perform further operation if you multiple computers or servers. In view of this, you can choose to create portable version of backup software, AOMEI Backupper Technician or TechPlus. They contain all the features of AOMEI Backupper - backup, restore, sync, clone, tools, and provide charged technical service to clients.

Here take AOMEI Backupper TechPlus as an example to show you the steps. Please download it to excute:

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(PS: The free-trial version has a 30-day limit, to protect data continuously, upgrade to the official version.)

1. Click "Tools" in the left tab, and then select the "Create Portable Version" tool under the "Common Tools" section.

Create Portable Version

2. Select a removable device to store all the installation files and configuration settings of this software. Please remember to insert the removable device before selecting it as the destination. 

You can directly edit the target location input box, or click the "Browse" button to pop up the computer resource manager window. After the selection is completed, it will be displayed in the target location input box.


3. After selecting the target location, click "Start Creation" to start the process page of creating a portable version. It will display the progress and process information. You can also click the "Cancel" button to cancel the creation.

Process to Create Portable Version

4. Click the Finish button after the process completes.

Finish Create Portable Version

About Portable Version Registration Tool

Once the portable version is created successfully, a registration tool will be generated in the portable version AOMEI Backupper directory, named Register.exe.

There will be a pop-up window if you run the .exe file.

>> Click "Register" and the portable version will become registered. This option also works when you encounter problem using portable version this software.

>> click "Unregister" and the portable version will become unregistered.

Portable Registration Program

After running, it is recommended to click "Unregister" to clear the registration information, so as to protect your registration information from being leaked.


  • The tool does not currently support creation on a network path.
  • The tool does not currently support creation on the CD-ROM drive.
  • The tool is only available in AOMEI Backupper Technician and Technician Plus version.
  • When AOMEI Backupper is running, the portable version cannot run at the same time.


The portable version is much more convenient, you can take it everythere and use it on any PCs, don't need to install it every time, etc. And creating a backup image is a good habit to protect your computer, whether system or data on it. But if you want to use it on multiple computers, it may not be convenient, in this case, you can choose to create portable version of backup software with AOMEI Backupper Technician or TechPlus edition.