How to Explore Image with AOMEI Backupper?

October 28, 2019

Explore Image allows you mount backup images including system image, disk image and partition image as virtual drives so that you can access them as though they are physical drives.

The Explore Image feature can mount a system backup image, partition backup image or disk image as a virtual drives, similar to Daemon tools. you can view its contents in Windows Explorer and third-party file managers in read-only mode. Let's see how to extract files from Windows image backups in detail.

How to Use Explore Image Step by Step?

1. In the main Tab page, select Tools and then select Explore Image.

Explore Image

2. Select the backup that you want to explore from the list box, and click Next to continue.

Select Backup Image

3. Select a backup point and click the Next button to explore the backup image.

    Select Backup Point

    4. Assign drive letters for the image partitions, and click Next to mount the image.

    Assign Drive Letter

    5. Wait for the process to complete and click Finish. You may now explore the contents in your backup image, using the drive letter(s) assigned in step 4, via "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer/This PC".


    How to detach the mounted image?

    1. In the main Tab page, select "Tools" followed by "Explore Image".

    2. All current virtual drives will be listed. Select the appropriate virtual drives followed by clicking "Detach" for the virtual drives to be removed.

      Detach Image


  • Virtual drives are automatically detached when the computer shuts down.

  • File backup images are not supported and cannot be mounted, you can only use this feature to restore the contents to another location.