What is Partition and Volume Backup?

The partition backup feature allows you to select partition or partitions you want to backup and does so into a single image file. A volume is simply a partition that has a drive letter associated with it such as C, D, E: etc. although all are considered as partitions. If you need to backup all partitions on your drive then it is recommended you use the Disk backup feature for greater convenience.

How to Backup Partitions and Volumes in AOMEI Backupper?

Here are the detailed steps about how to back up partitions and volumes:

Partition Backup

Add Partition Or Volume

Select Partition

Select Backup Destination

  • In the left tab item, select Backup and then select Partition Backup.

  • You can name this backup using the "Task Name" field to help you distinguish it from other backups. Then select partitions or volumes that need to be backed up. For Partition Backup, you can add several partitions or volumes to be backed up. But when you need to restore the image file, you need to select the specific partition to perform the restore procedure on one at a time.

  • Select a destination path to save the backup to.

  • Click Start Backup button and wait for the process to complete.

Start Backup

While a backup is running, you can click an icon in the lower-left corner to set to Shut down/Restart/Hibernate/Sleep PC after backup completion. Please tick the box and then click "OK".

Partition Backup Shutdown

When the backup is running, you can also click the underlined sentence to check the backup process in detail.

Partition Backup Process

And, please kindly wait for the backup process to complete and then click the "Finish" button.

Partition Backup Complete

As a result, you can check there is a backup image (.adi) generated in the destination location.

Partition Backup Result

For more detailed info about how Partition Backup works, please refer to How to Backup Partition/Volume. And if you want to back up partitions or volumes on a regular basis, please refer to how to schedule backup.


1. If you would like to restore a partition or volume backup image, please use the feature "Partition or volume Restore".

2. If you would like to view the contents of the partition and volume backup without restoring a backup image or you would like to copy some files and folders in the backup image, you can use the feature "Explore Image" to mount the image.

  • For more advanced options, please refer to Backup Options, Schedule Backup, and Backup Scheme.

  • For Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, ReFS, exFAT, and other non-Windows file systems, AOMEI Backupper will back up them using sector-by-sector mode.

  • If you want to restore partition or volume backup images in the future, refer to partition volume restore wizard.

  • You can back up C: drive via Partition Backup but we suggest you backup it via System Backup. If you back up C: drive via Partition Backup, the system may not boot after doing the restore.

  • AOMEI Backupper Standard version does not support performing any operations for a dynamic disk.

  • Partition Backup image file created by the dynamic disk can be recovered to the original location, other volumes on the dynamic disk or a basic disk.

  • Backupper allows several partitions to be backed up/restored at a time.