Backup Management

July 4, 2019

Backup Management can help you manage backup tasks you have created and you can make a backup/restore or edit this task,etc.

Select Home on the left tab page to list image files with built-in shortcut options to start or manage backups. These include New Backup, Select to Restore.

New backup: After clicking this button, a wizard will guide you to create a backup you want to do.


Restore: Click this button and the program will enter in the "Restore" tab page to enable you to choose which kind of backup(full backup, incremental backup or differential backup) you want to select to perform restore.

Select Folder

Backup:Click this button and you can select which backup(full backup, incremental backup or differential backup) you want to do. Following a full backup, an incremental or differential backup can be performed in the future based on the full backup. The Backup button will provide options to create incremental or differential backups. For a step-by-step guide, please refer to the “Incremental/Differential Backup“.


Schedule Task: Aomei Backupper supports scheduled backup task with Daily, Weekly and Monthly Mode and for schedule backup task, Backupper will run it as an incremental backup by default.



Edit Backup: You can edit task name, enable email notification, enable Backup Scheme, etc.

Explore Image: Click it and mount the image file to the destination where you want to see content from that image file.

Explore Image

Check Image: Click it and you will enter in "Utilities" to let you select the one you want to check the integrity of that image file.

Locate Image: Click it and it will jump to the interface where you save these image files.

Delete Backup: You can delete this backup task or you can delete a backup task with image files created.

Delete Backup

Delete Options

Properties: Show more detailed info about this backup.