Installation and Login
Installation and Login

How to Manage your AOMEI Account?

AOMEI Post By AOMEI Updated May 17, 2023


AOMEI has released AOMEI Cloud, which is used to back up data. You can manage AOMEI Cloud in AOMEI User Center.

In addition, as a distinguished AOMEI user, you might order many AOMEI programs, such as, AOMEI Backupper, Partition Assistant, AOMEI OneKey Recovery, and so on. You can also manage all purchased licenses of AOMEI Products in AOMEI User Center.

How to Log in AOMEI User Center/AOMEI Cloud

Case 1: You have purchased AOMEI Products from AOMEI official sites.

1. You can directly use your purchase email address and order number as the temporary password to log in AOMEI User Center

Sign In

2. After you log in successfully, you can click the "Modify" button to modify the password under User Settings. And, you can edit the account name and login email address here if you need.

Modify Password

3. When you log in an AOMEI Account, you will get a 15-day free trial of 1TB AOMEI Cloud.  Then, you can log in the account on AOMEI Backupper interface so you can use the feature Cloud Backup.

Tips: You need to use the account email and changed password to log in AOMEI Cloud on AOMEI Backupper. The order email+order number way can't be used to log in AOMEI Cloud on AOMEI Backupper.

GUI Login

If you would like to upgrade your AOMEI Cloud, you can directly click the "Upgrade Now" button to subscribe AOMEI Cloud plan.

Tips: Please type into AOMEI account email in the cart when you purchase AOMEI Cloud subscription.

Upgrade Now


Case 2: If you order the combination of AOMEI Backupper+AOMEI Cloud from AOMEI official site, generally you first need to create an AOMEI account. If you already have an AOMEI account, you can directly Log in.

Create AOMEI Account

After you order AOMEI Backupper+AOMEI Cloud, you will directly get the license code of AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Cloud subscription. Therefore, you can log in the account directly on AOMEI Backupper interface to use the Cloud Backup feature. And, you can also log in the account on AOMEI User Center to manage AOMEI Cloud and manage licenses.

Case 3: You are a free user of AOMEI Backupper or do not order any AOMEI programs. You can try to sign up an AOMEI Account to get 15-day free trial of 1TB AOMEI Cloud.

1. Please first sign up an AOMEI account AOMEI User Center: type your email address, and click "Send" to send a Verification Code to your email, and then check and copy the Verification Code here, then set a password, click "Signup" to create an AOMEI Account.

Sign Up

After creating an account, you can sign in your AOMEI account. And then, you can log in from AOMEI Backupper interface so that you can use the feature Cloud Backup

AOMEI Cloud Management

AOMEI Cloud is a cloud drive developed by AOMEI Development Team. Please check the instructions to view Cloud Backup. You can manage AOMEI Cloud under AOMEI User Center.

In AOMEI Cloud interface, it will display the plan of your AOMEI Cloud, expiration date, and cloud drive storage details. If you are a free user of AOMEI Cloud, you can click the "Upgrade" button to subscribe AOMEI Cloud plan.

If you are a paid account and it is active, you can click the "Cancel Subscription" button to cancel the subscription renewal.



  • For a free user, there is a 1TB cloud space and it is for 15-day trial period. You can upgrade to a Yearly plan with 1TB cloud space.

  • Currently, only files/folders can be backed up to the AOMEI Cloud.

  • For data security and server stability, it is unable to directly check the backup data on AOMEI Cloud. To check the backup, please click "Restore" to restore your backup.

  • AOMEI will retain users' data stored in AOMEI Cloud and its associated backup tasks. AOMEI will clear user's data stored in AOMEI Cloud and delete its associated tasks only after the trial period expires and after a subscription expires. Please check more details about Data Rentention Policy.

My Product

You can also manage purchased licenses of AOMEI Products under AOMEI User Center.

In My Product interface, it will display all programs and related licenses you ordered via the account email address from AOMEI official site.

If you want to add license codes placed via other addresses or sites, you can just click the "Add license code" button to add the license codes.

Add License Code

After that, you can click "View license code" to check your license codes and easily manage them.

View License Code

When your order information is loss, you can copy the license code from here.  Or remove licenses from your account when you don't need to manage it.

Manage License

Product Documents

In this section, it will display links of some common programs' help documents, technical FAQs, knowledgebase, and so on. You can access them with one-click.

Product Documents

User Settings

In this section, it will display your account details and personal settings, including name, email, password, and so on. You can manage your account and do some personal settings.

For example, you can click the "Modify" button to modify your password.

User Settings

If you really would like to delete your account, you can click the "Delete Account" button. The following prompt window will pop up.

Delete Account Free Account

Caution: Deleting an account is irreversible. Please proceed with caution. Deleting an account will erase all personal data, all data in AOMEI Cloud, and will unbind the account from the existing license code.

If there is data on AOMEI Cloud, the deletion will take time and you will get an email notification once it is deleted.

If it is a paid account and the subscription is still active, you will be asked to first cancel your subscription and then delete the account.


You can click your account and change the interface language. Currently, up to 8 languages are supported.

Change Language