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Backup Options in AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Post By AOMEI Updated November 29, 2022

You can find the "Menu" option (three-line icon on the upper right side of the main window) and "Backup Options” in the Backup page for the specific backup task. In “Menu”-->“Settings ", it is possible to individually customize the global parameters for backing up data, including the compression level, splitting image, notifications settings, intelligent sector, VSS, etc. In “Backup Options", you can configure task-specific settings, including the compression level, backup encryption, notifications, splitting image, intelligent sector, VSS, and more.

Advanced settings for your current backup task

When creating a new backup task, you will see "Options" in the lower left corner of the interface.

Add Disk

Click it and you will see "General", "Backup Mode", "Command" and "Advanced" options.


In this option, you can write a note for your task to help you distinguish it from other backup tasks. In addition, you can enable encryption and email notification for this task.


Email Notification: In unattended operations, a notification can be emailed containing the result of each backup.


Notification SettingsYou can choose the notification type you need from the following options.

Notification Settings

1. The operation is completed successfully.

2. The operation fails.

3. User interaction is required.

Notification emails can be sent using HTML or text. All conditions for sending email notifications are selected in the Notification Settings by default. A report will be provided if the operation is completed or not. For verifying settings are correct, AOMEI Backupper has the option “Send for test” to send a test message to the configured email address or phone number.

To Enable Email notifications for a Backup Task

1. When creating a new backup task, you can enable email notification through "Options"---"General"---"Email notification".

2. You can enable email notification for an existing backup task in the Home screen by selecting “Edit Backup” and then clicking "Options" -> “Email notification".


  • When you set email notification with the Custom server selected, AOMEI Backupper requires SMTP authentication and it does not support anonymous access.

  • When you set up email notification with Gmail server selected, sending the test email notification may fail. As far as we know, this is because Google has enhanced the security level of Gmail so you need to turn on access for the less secure apps in Google settings first. After that, you can retry it.

  • AOMEI Backupper cannot configure multiple email addresses to receive the email notification. You can create an email group and add these email addresses to this group. After that, you can put the group email address as the recipient of notifications, so these email addresses within the group can also receive the email notifications.

Backup Mode

In this option, you can choose the backup and VSS mode.

Backup Mode

Intelligent Sector: For the intelligent sector feature, AOMEI Backupper uses intelligent sector by default. If you select the sector by sector option ("Make an Exact Backup"), backups will take longer as it will back up both the used and unused space on your disk. This feature is available for System Backup, Partition Backup, and Disk Backup only.

Intelligent Sector

VSS: VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) is a backup technology used by Microsoft, which allows the computer to continue to be used while a backup is in progress. If VSS is not selected, then Backupper will automatically use its own built-in technique instead of performing a live backup. Choose one of the modes to begin the backup task.



In this option, you can set the pre-command and post-command.

Pre-command: Run the specified program or script before backup or synchronization.

Post-command: Run the specified program or script after backup or synchronization.


Configure user command:

  • Command: Browse to load a script file or executable program file.
  • Working directory: Type a folder path to save the result of the Pre-command or Post-command execution.
  • Arguments: Set some arguments for the command if necessary.
  • "Terminate the operation if the command fails to execute" and "Do not perform the operation until the command execution is complete" are selected by default.
  • Click "Test" button to verify the command.
  • Click "OK" button to save the command settings.

Configure User Command


1. Real-time sync doesn’t support Pre-command and Post-command.

2. Generally, the source path of the script file or executable program file will be filled into Working directory by default after you add the script file or executable program file to Command. You can change to another path manually.


In this option, you can change the compression and backup file splitting mode.

👉 Compression

You can choose the compression level for your backup task. If you choose "High", then it would take a longer time to create the backup. 

Advanced Compress

Tip: Some computer files (such as .jpg, .pdf or .mp3) are already compressed. If the backup image file contains many such files, then the generated backup file may not significantly decrease in size even though the high compression level is selected.

👉 Splitting

Backup files can be split into several smaller files to fit into different smaller storage media. Backupper can automatically create a backup file into multiple parts during the backup process. The options available are listed below.

  • Automatic: The image split size depends on the file system of the destination storage medium. For example, FAT32 partitions (commonly used on USB sticks) only can save files up to 4GB (4096MB) in size.
  • Customize size:  Input the required file size value and future backup images will be split into segments of this size. The minimum supported file size is 50MB.
  • Choose a predetermined size: Choose the storage medium type in the drop-down menu. AOMEI Backupper will then split the image file to suit the selected medium.

Advanced Splitting

👉 Operation Priority

It is an option to configure the priority of the backup operation.

After the operation priority is configured, the execution time of the task will be affected. According to the needs of the task, the priority of the task execution can be adjusted up or down.

  • High: The task operation process will have a higher priority than other processes on your computer and will be executed at a faster speed.
  • Normal: The task operation process will have the same priority as other processes on your computer and will be executed at a normal speed.
  • Low: The task operation process will have a lower priority than other processes on your computer and will be executed at a slower speed.

Advanced Operation Priority

👉 Automatically create a folder with the same name as the task in the target location: It is ticked by default. So, it will create a folder with the task name under the target path to save backup files or synced content. For example, if you create a backup task named Disk Backup, it will first create a Disk Backup folder under the target drive you select and then save backup images within that folder.

👉 You will find more options in Menu-->Settings-->Advanced:

Advanced Settings

Automatically check the backup on completion: AOMEI Backupper will check each backup upon completion automatically to verify the backup has been created properly.

Enable program window self-adaptive to screen resolution and DPI settings: The program will adjust window size automatically according to your screen resolution and DPI settings.

Don't show tray icon next time: Generally, the scheduled task will show via a tray icon in the lower right corner of the computer when a task is running. If you check the option, the tray icon won't appear when the scheduled task is active.

Join the User Experience Improvement Program: Selecting this option allows us to improve our software.

Choose Language: You can select the language from the drop-down option according to your requirements.