What is Partition and Volume Clone?

AOMEI Backupper provides the ability to clone a single partition rather than the whole disk. For example, the (C:) partition could be cloned to (D:) on the same drive, or the (E:) partition could be cloned to another disk.

This feature is useful if you would like to just clone one partition instead of the whole disk to another path.

How to Clone Partitions and Volumes in AOMEI Backupper

Here are the detailed steps about how to run partitions and volumes clone:

1. In the left Tab page, select the Clone option, and then select Partition Clone.

Partition Clone

2. Select the source partition or volume you want to clone and click Next.

Select Source Partition

3. Select an appropriate unallocated space or an existing partition on the desired disk as the destination partition, and click Next.

Select Destination Partition

image.png Warning! The destination partition or volume will be formatted and all of the existing data will be overwritten! Backup important files beforehand.

4. Preview the information detailing your source and destination selections. On the wizard page, set desired advanced settings as follows:

Edit Partition: Enables a drive letter to be assigned and the setting of the partition type as either primary or logical. The graphical Partition Bar can be dragged and moved to change the size or location of the partition.

Partition Clone Edit Partition

Sector by sector clone: Copies all sectors of the source partition to the destination partition, whether in use or not. The destination drive/partition size must be equal to or larger than the source partition.

Start Clone

SSD Alignment:  If the destination disk is an SSD then it is recommended this option is selected to optimize SSD performance

Start Clone 4


5. Finally, click Start Clone. Wait for the process to complete and then click Finish. A partition clone can take several hours depending on the size of the source partition.

For more detail, see: How to Do Partition/Volume Clone.

  • A partition clone might take several hours depending on the size of the source partitions.

  • The source partition cannot be selected as a destination partition.

  • Any important data contained on the destination partition must be backed up first before the cloning operation begins as the data will be lost.

  • If the destination partition is locked by other programs and/or applications, then Backupper will request the computer is restarted to execute the partition clone operation in "Restart Mode".

  • For encrypted partitions or non-NTFS/FAT32 partitions, Backupper will use sector by sector clone mode by default.

  • Partition Clone only can clone dynamic volume from dynamic disk to a basic disk.

  • Besides Partition Clone, you still can use it to clone hard drive to larger drive, migrate Windows 10  to M.2 SSD, clone hard drive to SSD, clone HDD to SSD via USB cable, clone Windows 10 to NVMe SSD, etc.