The AOMEI Backupper configuration file records all your valid backup tasks. Usually, these tasks are listed in the program’s Home page backup management window. You can export the backup configuration to a safe place. If you subsequently lose your backup history, you may then import the configuration data, to recover all your backup tasks to AOMEI Backupper.

To export/import backup file:

  1. Select Tools and then select Export/Import backup.

  2. Import Expore

  3. There are two options:

  4. a. Import Image. Import Image files(*.adi, *.afi) to reload backup tasks.

    b. Import/Export task. Export the configuration file to another location. Import backup records to Backupper from the configuration file saved before.

    Import Task

  • Export task will export the configuration of all backup and sync tasks to a .xml file. Import all tasks from the .xml file.

  • Import Task only imports single backup task one time via browsing the corresponding backup files of the task.

  • Import Image doesn’t support importing sync task.