July 4, 2019

The option of image file encryption can help to encrypt the image file by setting a password so as to protect the data from unauthorized access.

Because an image file could be accessed and restored by anyone, in order to protect your data from unauthorized access, you can encrypt it by setting a password. Enter your password in the password field to encrypt the data. A maximum of 64 characters is allowed.


  1. Tick the small box to enable the encryption for backups.
  2. Type in your password in the first field and then retype it in the second field to confirm it.

  • You must remember your password or it will be impossible to recover your backup. The methodology is not simple password protection; the password is used as a key by the industry-standard AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cryptographic algorithm, which will totally encrypt all data in the image.
  • Currently the program does not support changing the password of a password-protected backup after the backup was created.