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How to Restore Backup from AOMEI Cloud?

AOMEI Post By AOMEI Updated May 17, 2023

Why Use AOMEI Backupper Restore from Cloud?

You may need to recover files or folders if your original files/folders are lost or damaged. With the help of AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Cloud, if you have a backup on AOMEI Cloud, you can eaily and directly restore the copy backed up to AOMEI Cloud to restore data back to their original state at the time they were backed up.

How to Restore Files or Folders from AOMEI Cloud

1. In the left tab page, select "Restore" and click Select Task. And then select a File Backup Task you want to restore, and click "Next" button.


2. Select a backup point based on the created time and backup type. Then, select the files or folders to be restored, and click "Next".

Select Backup Point

3. Select a destination path to save the files or folders. You can either choose either "Restore to original location" or "Restore to a new location".

Restore to Original Location

4. Click "Start Restore" to begin the restoration process. Click "Finish" once the process has completed.



  • Tasks created by different machines cannot be restored to the original location, and can only be restored to a new location.
  • Some files in destination may be in use by other programs exclusively that cannot be overwritten. In this event, Backupper will provide a prompt to resolve the problem and may result in restoring to a new location.
  • If there are multiple backup versions, in step 3, you can select the appropriate backup point based on the the backup type and created time.