Automatically create a folder with the same name as the task in the target location: For file sync, the program will automatically create a folder with the same name as the task in the sync destination location.

Automatically check the backup on completion: The program will check backup on backup completion every time automatically.

Enable program window self-adaptive to screen resolution and DPI settings: The program will adapt windows automatically according to your computer resolution and DPI settings.

Don't show tray icon next time: For scheduled sync or backup task, there should be a tray icon shown when the task is running. You can tick the option so there will be no tray icon the next time.

Join the User Experience Improvements Program: The program will improve our user's experience according to their needs and requirements.

Do not show the "USB Plugged in" dialog: If you tick the option, the "USB Plugged in" dialog will not show when you insert a USB if you configure the "USB Plug in" event backup.

Choose Language: You can change the language of the program after you have installed it.