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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does AOMEI Backupper support backup, restore and clone dynamic volumes?

    For MBR dynamic volumes, you can use System Backup and Partition Backup way (System/Partition Clone). Disk Backup/Disk Clone function is not supported yet. When restoring, you can only restore to the original location or a basic disk. For GPT Dynamic Disk, Backupper currently doesn't support backing up or cloning dynamic volumes on GPT disk. We will add this function in later versions.

  • Does AOMEI Backupper support backing up and restoring a system drive based on UEFI?

    Yes, it completely supports backup and restore for the UEFI system drive.

  • AOMEI Backupper can’t find system partitions or can’t list disks when running under Windows.

    Please check whether or not the drive is 4096 bytes per sector. You can press Win+R, type“msinfo32” in the Run box, then open Components-->Storage-->Disks, then check the Bytes/sector of the drive. Backupper currently doesn’t support backing up or cloning drives with 4096 bytes per sector. But you can save backup files to 4096 drive.Click here to learn more details.

  • What’s the product delivery policy and is there an invoice?

    Real-time delivery. Usually, once your order is processed successfully, the download link, license code and an electronic invoice of the software will be immediately sent to your email.

  • Can I evaluate before purchasing? Or is there trial version available?

    Yes, there’re trial versions for each paid version. You can try out our products free for 30 days.

  • What’s the refund policy?

    We offer 90-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchased from us, you should notify us within 90 days from the date of the purchase and we will provide you with a full refund. When you request a refund, our customer service representatives may inquire the reason for your refund so we can improve our products and our customer experience.

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