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Check Image with AOMEI Backupper to Ensure Data Intact

AOMEI Post By AOMEI Updated December 29, 2022

The Check Image feature ensures that your backup data can be recovered. During the validation process, unique checksum values are compared, if all values are matched, then the backup file is valid for recovery.

To validate a backup image file:

Open AOMEI Backupper, and select Advanced on the main tab, then select Check Image.

Check Image

Or, you can directly tick the button "Tools"-"Check Image" and choose the backup image in a certain location to validate. (You can simply check a backup image even the backup task is not listed in the "Home" tab.)

Tools Check Image

Select a backup point from the desired backup task and click the Next button to start validating.

Select Backup Point

Wait for the process to complete, and then click Finish.


Tips: You can automatically have AOMEI Backupper check the backup image immediately after the backup is complete (recommended), by selecting "Automatically check the backup on completion " option under Menu-> Other.