Log Management

You can check the backup logs of all tasks under Backup Task-->Backup Log. It will record backup result, backup way, backup size, backup time of every task.

Backup Log

Also, you can filter logs based on task, device, result and time so that you can quickly check necessary logs.

Check Alerts

You can check alerts under Overview-->Alerts.


It shows error logs of all failed tasks. And, it classifies error logs based on the abnormal type of device, target and other.

For single error log, you can click “icon” to view details or remove it via ignoring the record.

Operation Log

You can check the operation log under Settings-->Operation Log.

Operation Log

The operation log mainly records the operation behavior of each user, including: login, create task, add device/target, and so on.

You can filter the log via type and time to view specific operation logs.