How to Restore Physical Machines with AOMEI Cyber Backup

You may need to restore your physical machines in many cases, for example, system crash, system corruption, data loss, and so on. With the help of AOMEI Cyber Backup, you can easily restore the Windows devices you backup. It will recover your data and save your time.

In this article, we will introduce how to restore the backups of physical machines created by AOMEI Cyber Backup.

How to Restore Physical Machines

Prerequisites for Windows restore:

  • Computer with AOMEI Cyber Backup installed
  • Windows backups created by AOMEI Cyber Backup

Once you have created backups for your physical machines, you can restore them at any time. Currently, Disk Restore, System Restore and Partition Restore are supported. Here we take Disk Restore as an example.

1. Click "Backup Task" on the left menu bar, locate the task you want to restore, and click "icon"--> "Restore".


2. Select the backup content to restore. You can choose which backup version and which disk you want to restore and choose the restore method (Restore the entire disk or Restore individual partitions).

Select Content

3. Select the target location that you want to restore to.

If you restore to original location, you don’t need to select target. "Restore to original location" is selected by default, you can directly click "Start Restore".

Restore to Original Location

If you restore to new location, you need to select target device and target disk.

Restore to New Location

4. You can enable sector-by-sector restore and partition alignment in "Advanced Settings".

Tips: "Sector-by-sector Restore" can only be checked if you select the sector-by-sector mode during backup.

Advanced Settings

5. After all settings are completed, click "Start Restore" to begin the restore progress.

Start Restore

6. The restore is running, please wait patiently for the restore to complete. You can click on the "icon" button to see restore details or cancel the restore.



1. If the disk you backed up contains an OS, WinPE will be created first before the restore, and then the agent machine will restart into WinPE to perform the restore operation.

2. You can also restore from "Backup Management"-->"History Versions".

3. If your backup tasks are accidentally deleted, or you need to restore backups created on another computer, you will need to select backup files manually to restore