Backup Cleanup in AOMEI Cyber Backup

Backup Cleanup in AOMEI Cyber Backup is a very important feature. It helps you automatically remove history backup versions based on rule to save storage space.

How to Setup Backup Cleanup in AOMEI Cyber Backup

When you create a new backup task, it enables a clean rule by default so there is no need to enable the schedule manually.

The default cleanup rules in AOMEI Cyber Backup is:

Full backup retention period: 60 Day.

Incremental/Differential backup retention period: 7 Day.

Always retain: the first full backup.

To edit or disable backup cleanup rule, click the “default clean content” into setting page. Then, you can modify or disable the rule.

Backup Cleanup

You can modify the retention time of Full/Incremental/Differential. So, old backup versions that meet the set time will be deleted automatically. And, you can enable always retain the first full backup (every week/month/ quarter/year). So, the first full backup will not be deleted.

Setup Backup Cleanup on Existing Backup Task

If you do not enable backup cleanup feature, you can also setup backup cleanup after the backup is created.

To set up a backup cleanup for an exiting backup task, you can just click "Backup Task" tab and find the backup task you want to setup a backup cleanup.

Please click the "icon”" button and Click "Edit" to enable backup cleanup for the task.

Setup Backup Cleanup Existing Backup

On the contrary, if you want to disable the backup cleanup, you can click "Edit" and click the setup backup cleanup to disable backup cleanup for the task.

Disable Backup Cleanup

Cleanup Rules of Full/Incremental/Differential Backup

Full backup cleanup will delete single full backup when it meets the cleanup rule.

Incremental backup cleanup will delete all incremental backups of a whole incremental backup group when the last incremental backup of the group meets the cleanup rule (full backup of the group isn’t deleted until it meets the full backup cleanup rule).

Differential backup cleanup will delete differential backup when it meets the cleanup rule (the related full backup isn’t deleted until it meets the full backup cleanup rule).


  • Backup cleanup will be applied for all backups, include old backups created before enabling the backup cleanup.
  • Backup cleanup will detect if backups meet the delete rule only when the backup task is performed successfully every time.