Devices Management in AOMEI Cyber Backup

Before creating backup task, you need to add the devices that you want to back up. AOMEI Cyber Backup supports VMware vSphere, vCenter Servers, ESXi and Hyper-V as well. In the future, databases, PCs, and servers will be supported.

How to Add Devices in AOMEI Cyber Backup

There is no need to install the agent program of device on the computer. Only the device information and account are needed to add the device. (Take VMware as an example)

1. Click "Source Device" on the left menu bar, then select device type VMware or Hyper-V you want to add.

Add Source Device

2. Click "Add VMware Device" to add vCenter or Standalone ESXi, then type into the device’s IP address or name, then fill in the account that log in the device.

Add Vcenter or ESXi

3. Click “Confirm” to add the device.


If the adding time of a device is too long, you can click “Add in background”, then it will exit the adding page and continue to add this device in the background. Then you can perform other operations on other pages, even exit the web console.

Add in Background

How to Bind Devices in AOMEI Cyber Backup

After adding the device, you need to authorize license for the device. That’s to say, you need to bind a license with the device so that you can create backup for it.

When the authorized devices have reached the upper limit of the devices that can be supported by the license, it can no longer continue to authorize new devices unless upgrading licenses.

1. Click “icon” on the added device, select “Bind Device”.

Bind Device

2. Check the prompt information and click “Confirm” to bind the device.

Tips: After the device is successfully bound, it cannot be unbound and transfer the license to a new device.

Manage Added Devices

Manage Device

Device Details

Click “icon” on the added device, select “Details” to check the device information.

Delete Device

Click “icon” on the added device, select “Delete”. When the device is deleted, it will be unable to continue to backup for the device.

And, if there are related tasks for the device, you need to first delete the corresponding task, then delete the device.

Tips: Delete Device can’t de-authorize the device.

Edit Device

If the login certificate of the device is changed, Click “icon” on the added device, select “Edit”, then type into the new certificate.

Refresh Device

Click “icon” on the added device, select “Refresh” to refresh virtual machines of the device.


  • When adding a Hyper-V device, to ensure the smooth running of the Hyper-V task, you need to manually download the configuration file and run it on the Hyper-V device to be added.