Dashboard in AOMEI Cyber Backup

Dashboard is the data monitor of multiple functional modules including tasks, devices, targets, and so on. You can add modules that you want to monitor.

Add Views

1. Click “Add View”, then check modules you need.

Add View

2. Click “Confirm” to add these modules to dashboard (or uncheck modules to remove).

Manage Views

1. Click “Manage View”, all modules on the dashboard will be movable status.

Manage View

2. Then, you can drag modules to resize their location. 

3. Or, you can click “X” button on module to remove it.

Modify View

4. Click “OK” to save the modification.

Views Details

Under "Dashboard", you can check the details of your tasks, devices, and target locations, and so on.



It counts the number of tasks that different execution status (Success, Failure and Partial Failure) each day of the last week.

Schedule Tasks

It lists all schedule tasks and next run time of every schedule.

Task Statistics

It counts the number of task that different execution result (Finish, Alerts and Error) of the last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, year.

Data backed up

It counts the amount of data backed up every day of the last week.

Data Backed up Statistics

It lists the amount of data backed up, the number of backup versions and devices of all tasks since you using the software.


It displays the number of all added devices, device type, and the number of virtual machines in every device.


It lists all added target locations, and displays the space usage of every location. When the free space of a target is insufficient, a red warning will be shown.

Error Log

It displays all error logs of failed backup.