How to Install AOMEI Cyber Backup in Linux

You may have Linux systems and would also like to use AOMEI Cyber Backup. To install AOMEI Cyber Backup in Linux, you need to extract file and run command line. For more details to install the program in Linux, please follow the below steps and instructions.

How to Install and Log in AOMEI Cyber Backup in Linux

👉To install AOMEI Cyber Backup

1. Download the installation package of AOMEI Cyber Backup for Linux versions. Please choose to save file instead of opening it.

Download Installation Pckage

2. Find the downloaded installation package, the default path is /home/username/Downloads.

Find Installation Pckage

3. Double-click tar.gz and you can see the files inside. You can click readme.txt to see the installation method.

Check Installation Method

4. Extract the tar.gz file with root privileges. Right-click and select "Open in Terminal".

Open in Terminal

Currently logged in with ubt account, so there is no root access.

Ubt Account

Switch to the root account.

Root Account

5. Extract the installation package, the command is tar -zxvf AOMEICyberBackupSetup.tar.gz

-z means to compress or decompress the archive with gzip;
-x means decompress the file from the archive;
-v shows the details of the processed file;
-f means specify the archive or device, this parameter is required and is the last parameter, only the archive name can be followed.

Extract Installation Pckage

6. After unpacking successfully, please run . /AOMEICyberBackup/ command to install the software.

Run Command Line

👉To log in AOMEI Cyber Backup

After install AOMEI Cyber Backup, you can directly click and run the software to open web console on this installed computer (Native Access). Or, open the login address on web browser of other computers to access (Universal Access).

Log In

Native Access

On the computer where AOMEI Cyber Backup is installed, directly click and run the software. Then, it will open the web login page of the console on that computer. You can log in to the web console using either an AOMEI Cyber Backup Account or a Linux Account.

👉AOMEI Cyber Backup Account

It is the default admin account of AOMEI Cyber Backup. The account can create sub-accounts for other users and assign corresponding permission. 

Tips: If the sub-accounts miss password, only the admin account can help to reset the password.

👉Linux Account

Log in with Linux account on this computer that installed AOMEI Cyber Backup. Now only the Root Account of the Super Administrator in Linux is supported. Other accounts will be supported in later versions.

Universal Access

You can remotely access the web console on other computers that do not have AOMEI Cyber Backup software installed. Please ensure that the computer with AOMEI Cyber Backup and the other computers are connected to the same local area network (LAN).

Open a web browser on the other computer and enter the login address in the address bar.

The login address consists of the IP address of the computer with AOMEI Cyber Backup and the HTTP port (default 9072 or a custom port).


Log in to the web console using an AOMEI Cyber Backup account (admin account or sub-account).

By utilizing these access methods, you can manage and configure AOMEI Cyber Backup through the web console either on the computer where it is installed or remotely from other computers within the same LAN.

After a successful login, you can add VMware or Hyper-V in AOMEI Cyber Backup to enjoy the program.


1. The installation path of AOMEI Cyber Backup is: /opt/aomei/aomeicyberbackup
2. The log files of AOMEI Cyber Backup are under: /var/log/acb