License Management

If you need to use more advanced features, you'll need the paid version. In AOMEI Cyber Backup, there is a special section for license management, where you can check the license type and expiration time, bound devices, etc.

How to Register AOMEI Cyber Backup

Please click "Settings"-->"License Code" to open the license management interface. If you haven’t registered the program, please click "Register Now" and enter your license code.


Subscription and Devices

Upgrade: Upgrade your license to support more devices.

License Code Management: Check your license code, license type, device name, and expiration date.

Update License Code: Register with another license code.

Once the program is registered successfully, you can check the following information:

Service Information Available: This shows the total number of devices supported by your current license, and the number of devices that are currently backed up.

Manage Protected Devices: Information about the devices that have been backed up is shown here.

Subscription and Devices

You can click "Manage" to manage devices allowed to be protected.  Select the devices you don't want to backup and click "Unprotect" to cancel the protection. In this way, you can release the license.