Backup Task Management

After backup tasks are created, they will be added to the Task List. Then, you can easily check the status, destination, next backup time of all tasks here. For the single task, you can check progress, details and logs of the task, and edit, run or delete the task.

How to Manage Backup Tasks in AOMEI Cyber Backup

1. Click "Backup Task" tab and click "Backup Task".

Backup Task Management

2. It will list all created backup tasks. You can click the "icon" button to manage your backup tasks.

Edit Backup Task

Backup: You can manually run Full/Incremental/Differential Backup for the task.

Details: Check details for the task, such as backup source, destination, related settings, and so on.

Edit: Edit the task. For example, modify backup destination, schedule and clean settings.

Progress: Check the detailed progress of the task when it is running.

Restore: Select a backup version to restore. For more details about restore, please check instructions here.

Log: Check the detailed log (backup result/reason, backup type, backup time) of the task.

Delete: Delete the task only, or delete task and related backup files.


  • It always performs full backup the first time.
  • When the last backup status of the virtual machine has changed, it will do a full backup again. The changed backup status includes that the virtual machine is restored, or the last backup file is incomplete.
  • When the device related to the task is not bound with a license, the task will suspend the schedule backup. When the device is successfully bound, it will start schedule backup automatically.