This function will make a full backup of the source iOS device and then restore to the target iOS device, so all original data in the target iOS device will be overwritten.

Step 1. Click the "iPhone to iPhone Transfer" function in the Tools bar in AOMEI MBackupper Home interface.

iPhone to iPhone Transfer

Step 2. The source and target devices will be listed. You could enable backup encryption to encrypt data in source device.

Enable Backup Encryption

Click “Start Transfer” to begin the transfer.

Start Transfer

Step 3. When the transfer is complete, your target device will be restarted automatically. After restarting, you will find that all the contents have been copied from the source device to the target device.


1. After the transfer is completed, the backup password of the source iOS device will be saved to the target iOS device.

2. The system version of the target iOS device cannot be lower than the source iOS device.

3. The remaining space of the target iOS device cannot be less than the used space of the source iOS device.

4. Since a full backup of the source iOS device is required during the transfer process, please make sure your computer has enough disk space.