AOMEI MBackupper supports multiple languages, including English, German (Deutsch), French (Français), Japanese (日本語), Italian (Italiano), Spanish (Español) and Traditional Chinese (繁體中文). If you want to set it to your native language, please see the instructions below.

Step 1: On the Home window, click "Menu" (three-lines on the upper right side of the main window) and choose "Language Settings".

Language Settings

Step 2: In the pop-up window, you can see all supported languages are listed.

Choose Language

Step 3: Choose the language you want to use and click "OK" to save the changes. After that, you will see that the language has been changed.

Change Language Ok


You could add custom language in AOMEI MBackupper. To do this, please first copy the language file (for example kr.txt) to the installation directory of MBackupper-->lang (the default path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI MBackupper\lang"). Right-click on langList.xml and choose Edit, start a new line and enter the text below:

Lang List

Save the changes and run MBackupper, you will see the new added language is listed in "Language Settings".