How to use FoneTool?

iPhone Backup

Easily backup iPhone photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages to computer.

iPhone Backup Management

Easily view and manage your iPhone backups on computer.

Full Backup

Backup all iPhone content and settings to your PC.

Erase iPhone

Delete all media and data, and reset all settings.

Phone Unrecognized Issue

Fix issue when you can’t connect iPhone to PC.

Change Language

Use your own regional language in FoneTool

Device Manager

Conveniently and efficiently manage iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices and data.

iPhone Restore

Easily restore data from backup to iPhone or another iPhone.

Transfer iPhone Data

Transfer data from iPhone to PC or from PC to iPhone.

iPhone to iPhone Transfer

Transfer everything from one iPhone to a new iPhone within 1-click.

HEIC Converter

Converter HEIC images into JPG, JPEG or PNG images

Download and Install Drivers

Manually repair Apple Mobile Device USB driver when needed.

Photo Deduplication

Quickly find and manage duplicate or similar photos on iPhone/Windows PC.

General Guides

Instantly Protect Your Phone Data in a Fast and Safe Way

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