You can backup Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Messages on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices through AOMEI MBackupper.

To backup data of devices

Step 1. Connect the device to your computer through a USB cable, and start AOMEI MBackupper. If this is the first connection of your device and computer, you’ll need to trust this computer first.

Trust Computer

Step 2. Click "Photos Backup" or "Custom Backup" on the main interface to create backups.

Main Interface

Step 3. If you select "Custom Backup", all photos, music, videos, contacts and messages directories are checked by default.

Custom Backup

If you select "Photos Backup", it will only list photos directory.

Photos Backup

Step 4. You can click photos, music, videos, contacts or messages icon on the interface to browse the detailed contents and manually select the files to backup.

Select Backup Items

Step 5. Click "Storage Path" in the lower left corner to select the backup storage location, and then click the "Start Backup" button to backup your device.

Storage Path

Step 6. The backup is running, please wait for the completion.

Backing Up

Step 7. The backup is completed successfully, you can click on the icons under "Content" to see the files you have backed up.

Backup Successful


  • There will be a task named "device model + device name" after backup, and all backup versions will be listed in this task.

  • When deleting any version in the task, it will not affect other backup versions.

  • If you change the storage path and then perform a backup, there will be a new task named "device model + device name".

  • When the device is uploading photos to iCloud or updating photos to the device from iCloud, AOMEI MBackupper will skip these photos to backup.